10 Past ICOs With a High Return on Investment

Investing in new tokens can be a way of getting a good amount of money fast, but it is also extremely risky because you don’t have any guarantee that the cryptocurrency that you invested in will have a bright future and will increase in price more than the ICO one. Therefore, investors dedicate their time and resources to locate the next Bitcoin or Ethereum from the countless of ICOs popping up on a daily basis. And when they do find these gems, they hold on to it patiently because they know that these can have a  good return of investment – and who know – it might be the most profitable ICO.

Over the years, there have been tokens/coins that have generated massive return on investment to their early adopters. As such, we have put together a list of 10 of the most profitable ICO ever:


The NXT project has been able to stand the test of time. The platform which uses the proof-of-stake mechanism was launched in November 2013 by a developer under the pseudonym BCNext. Prior to this, the network had made $16,800 from its ICO campaign on the Bitcointalk forum in September 2013. As at the time of writing, the coin, NXT is priced at $0.71 which is a far cry from the $0.0000168 it was sold during its ICO phase. The ROI of NXT token, considering the top price of $2.14, was more than 1,000,000% – making it the best cryptocurrency investment since Bitcoin.


IOTA is one of the most advanced blockchain platforms in the world. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, transactions on the IOTA network are free as it allows users to verify transactions that are still in progress. This system is called the Tangle, and it offers users a zero transaction fee payment system. The network raised $400,000 during its crowdfunding campaign in 2015, and its coin MIOTA was listed on an exchange for the first time in 2017. During the crowdfunding campaign, the coin was sold for $0.001 and its current market price is $0.583. However, it had a peak price of $5.65 in December 2017 creating a ROI of ~564,900%.

NEO (AntShares) 

NEO’s 2015 ICO was a total success because it had the backing of trusted names like Alibaba and Microsoft. At the end of the ICO, Neo had sold 17.5 million tokens for $556,550. The platform conducted another crowdfunding campaign in 2016 which managed to raise $4.5 million. However, we will be using the first ICO token price ($0.032) to check for the coin’s Return On Interest. As at the time of writing, the price for one NEO is $20.15, however, it managed to reach $198 in January. The ROI of NEO was an amazing ~618,650%.


Ethereum is one of the most used blockchain platforms in the world. The platform introduced the concept of smart contracts and evolved the way DApps are created. Ethereum held its crowdsale campaign in 2014, and it was able to sell 50 million tokens for $15.5 million. Each token was sold at $0.311 and current market price shows that ETH is selling for $230.64. In January, Ethereum had a top price of $1,431.57.Ethereum’s ROI was an impressing ~442,896%. Even though Ethereum is having a lower price now, the ethereum price predictions stay positive.


Created as a project offering end-to-end development solutions, testing and deploying blockchain application for businesses – Stratis is one of the most useful blockchain solutions. Their platform is fully compatible with .NET and C# and they’re slogan define them perfectly: We make Blockchain easy for you. They sold $610,000 worth of tokens at a rate of $0.007 per token. Stratis reached a top value of $22.66 on January 9th – the ROI being ~323,614% at its top value.


Spectrecoin is one of the networks that focus on its users privacy, therefore, it utilizes the ring signature mechanism to offer users anonymous payment services. The project held an anonymous crowdfunding campaign from November 2016 to January 2017, which raised $15,500. Each XSPEC token was sold at $0.001, and it is currently selling for $0.25. However, XSPEC’s price peaked at $6.28 in January, making an investment worth ~62,700% ROI at the top value.


Ark is one of the ecosystems that is working on housing a web of blockchain platforms. Its ICO began in November 2016 and ended in December of the same year. Their crowdsale raised $950,000, and each token was sold for $0.01. Presently, the token sells for $0.71, but it had an all-time high price of $10.20 in January. The ROI at the all-time-high was  ~101,900%.


Lisk is a modular blockchain platform that allows developers to create customized chains called Sidechains. The project was backed by Ethereum, therefore, its ICO in 2016 was able to raise $5.7 million as each token was sold for $0.076. Its current price is $3.41, however, the token peaked in January when it reached the $34.92 price mark. The ROI of Lisk purchased in ICO and sold at the top would have been  ~45,847%.


The QTUM blockchain utilizes the proof-of-stake mechanism for transaction verification, and it also supports smart contracts. The network held a very successful ICO in March 2017 which raised $15.6 million in just 5 days. Each QTUM token was sold for $0.3 and the price reached an all-time high of $100.22 in January 2018. This resulted in a 33,300% ROI for early investors who sold at the top value. The token is presently priced at $3.88.


You should note that investing in ICOs can be a tricky business and not all of them will reward its investors with an amazing ROI – some can also decrease in value . The tokens listed here have shown exceptional growth because they offer innovative solutions,they were among the first to introduce them and they worked hard on their project idea. Therefore, you should carry out an extensive research before investing in a new token.

We hope you enjoyed our article with the most profitable ICO of all-time.

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