11 Great Wallets To Store Ripple (XRP) In 2019

XRP is specially designed to fast-track international payments and transactions between financial institutions. XRP’s real-world application has made it one of the most popular and viable cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. Besides this, the amazing growth from 2017 lead to a lot of exposure for Ripple – which is currently the #3 cryptocurrency.

However, the viability of XRP has made it one of the most targeted coins by cybercriminals. Therefore, it is very important that XRP holders use crypto wallets that can guarantee that their coins are safe from unauthorized access.

There are a variety of factors that XRP holders should consider before choosing a wallet. In order to ease your decision-making process. Although the best wallet is a classic paper wallet one – its important to know the alternatives.

The Best Ripple Wallets in 2019 

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is a USB drive-shaped hardware wallet that securely stores your private key and monitors your XRP tokens on the blockchain. The compact sized wallet offers users an offline storage system that will greatly reduce the chances of getting hacked. Therefore, it has become one of the most trusted hardware wallets for XRP holders. Another feature of the Ledger Nano S is its LED (OLED) screen that provides easy access to XRP balance and transaction details. In addition, the hardware wallet allows users to create a four to eight digit protection and transaction validation pin.

Right now, this is among the most used option by XRP hodlers. Everyone that wants to keep their XRP close to 100% safe either use this or a Ripple Paper Wallet – which will be presented in this article too.

The only disadvantage that Nano S have its his price, a bit too high for anyone too afford it – especially the ones that purchased like $50 worth of XRP. But, if you invested more – we thing Ledger Nano S is the best ripple wallet for you.

Abra Wallet

Abra offers cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services. The platform also works as a money transfer application. This mobile application serves both Android and iOs users with a friendly interface for easy navigation.  Abra becomes a perfect wallet for storing your XRP tokens after adding the coins to its system recently. Apart from XRP, Abra supports over 20 other cryptocurrencies with 50 fiat currencies available on the platform for trading at affordable rates.

Abra stands out as it offers users an opportunity to have complete control of their money in a swift and cheap environment. The platform eliminates the use of third parties since it uses Bitcoin as its base.

Exchanging all supported currencies on the Abra platform is absolutely free. Notably, all exchanges are within the application. However, it comes with an inbuilt spread that allows users to purchase a given currency at slightly above the normal market rates. On the other hand, users can sell a currency at rates slightly lower the market rates. This is a common practice among major cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Since its inception in 2014, Abra has had a good market reputation and winning several awards. However, the platform is complex and a bit secretive. It is not an open source wallet and there is no known technical information on how the system works.  Assets stored on the platform are at risk in case of security breaches.

GateHub Wallet

GateHub is a payment platform that allows you to trade and store cryptocurrencies. The GateHub service has received an endorsement on the official website of Ripple as an XRP wallet. The mention by Ripple is enough to trust this wallet that supports other digital currencies too.  Through the GateHub platform, you can buy XRP coins by paying money directly through the bank account. However, one has to purchase BTC before acquiring other coins like XRP.

Using GateHub is easy as it comes with a friendly user interface. Users can keep track of their transaction all the time because the wallet has a history of all payments alongside the amount used to buy XRP tokens. Furthermore, the wallet also alerts users through email about all transactions. GateHub also supports online payment services and you can pay through XRP at all supported merchant outlets. Over the years, online stores have added GateHub as one of the payment methods. Gatehub does not charge any fees for sending and receiving funds, other than the blockchain transaction fee.

A GateHub user also gets a chance to view real-time analytics rates of XRP, USD, and other supported currencies. This tool is essential in guiding users to invest their money at the appropriate time to enhance profitability.

To protect your XRP coins, GateHub has installed a number of security features like the Two Factor Authentication. Logging into your account from a different IP address requires you to reconfirm your email address.  Lastly, the platform has no access to a user’s private keys as a different server hosts them. 

Toast Wallet

Unlike the ledger Nano S, the Toast wallet is a desktop wallet strictly dedicated to Ripple XRP. Toast wallet is an open source system, therefore it is free and can be accessed by anyone.

In addition, the wallet can be used from multiple devices and it has versions that support Windows, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS devices. Apart from the 20 XRP reserve required to participate in the Ripple network, there is no other cost for using Toast wallets.

The Toast Wallet also have a pin that you need to set up in order to have a greater security. This open source project – which is now also on Chrome – is updated once 3-4 months. The last update of the Toast Wallet was in 28th October 2018.

Ripple Paper Wallet

Paper wallets are not technologically advanced but can store XRP tokens securely. These wallets are simply a manual means of securing your digital currency. The XRP Paper Wallet is available in three different models; cold, warm and hot wallet.  The cold wallet offers optimal security with the accounts secret key stored offline. The warm wallet offers an enhanced layer of security between the cold and hot wallets. Lastly, the XRP hot wallet is for conducting the day-to-day management of XRP tokens.  Hot wallets must be online to service instant withdrawal requests.

The Ripple Paper wallet is a piece of paper with printed private keys or QR code. The private keys are produced offline as a way of keeping hackers at bay. Paper wallets are a good option for storing XRP tokens because they are virtually free and you only pay the printing fees. Additionally, the Ripple wallet paper eliminates the need for third parties to maintain your  XRP holdings.

Setting up a Ripple Paper Wallet is easy. One of the most efficient ways to set up a paper wallet is through the use of Minimalist Ripple Client. The process entails confirmation of identity. You will then enter a secret key under the identity section.

You can also set up a ‘Generate Identity’ for the application to come up with both private and public keys. Public keys always start with ‘r’ while the private key is the second key available under the public one. You can write down the generated keys on a piece of paper. Notably, the wallet remains offline until the user sends 20 XRP to the wallet address.

On the downside, the Ripple Paper Wallet might not be an effective way of storing your XRP tokens. The paper can be misplaced, damaged by fire or water. To keep the paper safe, you can order your wallet with a tamper-proof seal, laminating or storing it in a deposit box.


Cryptonator is an online wallet which supports a host of cryptocurrencies including XRP.

With this wallet, users can perform prompt and secure transactions and exchanges. In addition, the platform offers free account registration and cheap transaction commissions. Their  users can benefit from a two-factor authentication system as well as an encrypted SSL connection.

Users’ personal details are cryptographically stored, so to a large extent, privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. Presently, the wallet has a web, Android and iOS version. Over the past years, Cryptonator reached 1M active accounts and 80 millions of processed transactions. Right now, its rated 4.6 from over 154,592 reviews

Edge Wallet

Edge wallet is strictly a mobile wallet. The wallet currently supports 12 cryptocurrencies including Ripple XRP. The wallet gives users complete control over their assets as it utilizes the client-side encryption system.

As such, users should not submit their private details. Other security measures available on the wallet is the two-factor authentication system, spending limit options, the auto-logout feature, and the password recovery system. Edge also have a secure access using a PIN or a touch ID.  The app also let’s people buy gift cards and crypto to crypto exchange.
Among their partners, we can notice well-known names such as ShapeShift, Simplex, Changelly, Changenow, Bitrefill or Wyre.


The CoinPayments is a digital currency website that works like a physical bank. The platform enables you to store your cryptocurrencies in an online wallet. CoinPayments supports over 1200 altcoins with transaction charges standing at 0.5% for all types of payments. On this platform, we have commercial deposits and incoming payments as the two main types of transaction. 

The CoinPayments wallet charges zero fees for personal deposits and all wallet withdrawals. However, some fee is charged for commercial items and online shopping payments.  CoinPayments also offers XRP to bank withdrawal services within the 182 supported countries. Also, the CoinPayments online payments for XRP and other currencies are also available in these countries.

CoinPayments is a good platform to store your XRP tokens because you get a chance to exchange with other digital assets. Furthermore, this Canadian platform comes with enhanced security features to safeguard your cryptocurrencies. The wallet has vaults that store digital currencies in a secure online database. Once coins have been secured in the vaults, they are not accessible in any way until the set period elapses. You are sure about the security of your XRP tokens in case of hacking attempts.

Exarpy Wallet

Exarpy is another efficient online wallet that allows users to interact with the Ripple platform.  The platform has no association with the Ripple network. The wallet allows users to store, receive and send any amount of XRP without the role of intermediaries at a fee of 0.025XRP for every transaction. It is important to note that Exarpy does not physically store coins but offers an application for transacting on the Ripple system.

The wallet does not keep any details about users. The private keys are on different servers from the main platform. Also, the wallet has a cryptographically generated PIN given to the user to log in. The 16 number PIN code is important to recover the account due to encryption. Exarpy is a user-friendly wallet, with a responsive website that can also be accessed on both computer and mobile phone web browser.



Guarda Wallet

Guarda is a lightweight cryptocurrency wallet for both web version and smartphones (Android and iOS). The wallet can manage, store, transfer and receive XRP tokens and other 34 digital currencies. Guarda is unique because it has an option of buying coins with banking card and top up wallets through the inbuilt trading platform.

The wallet has a positive reputation in terms of reliability due to a number of security features. The wallet does keep any user information like private keys. A separate server different from the primary platform stores the keys. Customers can trade their XRP tokens and other currencies in a smooth manner, without the KYC process.


Atomic Wallet

The Atomic Wallet is a universal multi-currency wallet that supports XRP and over 300 other coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. All the coins are manageable through one interface. Furthermore, this non-custodial desktop application also serves as a cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade digital assets through the Atomic Swap. The Atomic wallet comes with a decentralized order book. The Atomic Swap is free from third-party interference and users don’t have to worry about transactions not going through. Renowned exchange Changelly supports the Atomic wallet exchange.

With the Atomic Wallet, users have full control of their funds since the private keys are encrypted on the device.  All private keys come from a mnemonic seed. With this system, you don’t require a destination tag to move funds on it. The wallet is available on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora platforms for computers. On Mobile phones, the wallet is available on Android and iOS.


It is important to note that the ripple network requires that wallets have a reserve of 20 XRP. This is similar to the minimum balance policies of traditional banks. For example, if you store 60 XRP in a new wallet, you will be able to only access and transact 40 XRP. Some crypto exchanges based wallets do not charge the 20 XRP reserve. However, traders should temporarily store cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges, as they are prone to hacks.

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