5 hot cryptocurrencies you can stake

Finding the best cryptos is tricky because there are many to select from. But it is hugely worthwhile because such digital assets can often give returns in triple digits. So read along to know more about 5 hot ones you can stake. You can learn more about bitcoin trading check this link https://nft-code.io/


  • It is a smart contract platform that is blockchain-based.
  • It is mainly designed to deploy decentralized apps.
  • Its native SOL crypto is a stackable coin that can be used to facilitate transactions on-chain and make payments for the network fee.

Staking requirements:

  • If users participate in the network like delegated stakers or validators, staking rewards of Solana.
  • They are responsible for processing transactions and maintaining the network of Solana.
  • They are also SOL holders delegating their tokens for staking rewards to operators of the stake pool.
  • They do so by making use of Solana wallets such as Phantom.
  • They are needed to run or maintain one validation node that requires constant uptime or hardware with enough specifications.
  • It implements slashing that occurs when validators maliciously act or suffer bad performance.
  • To minimize the charges associated with maintaining a cluster, these validators can collect some commission fees from the delegators.


  • It is a blockchain interoperability protocol.
  • Polkadot connects many different chains in one network.
  • Thus it allows the processing of parallel transactions and data exchanges among different chains.
  • Its native crypto DOT is mainly used for staking, governance, and connecting to some new parachains.

Staking requirements

  • It allowed users to earn some staking rewards as a nominator or validator by nominating a proof of stake consensus algorithm.
  • On this network, validators validate transactions, and nominators ensure that they appropriately behave.
  • Slashing will occur if any validator maliciously acts and makes the validators and their nominators lose some percentage of the staked DOT.
  • It is automatically carried out by some smart contracts coded in the protocol.
  • At the beginning of a new era, DOT’s staking rewards accumulate.

Ethereum 2.0 

  • Ethereum protocol’s much awaited upgrade is Ethereum 2.0.
  • It will witness the transition of the consensus algorithm of Ethereum to PoS from PoW.
  • Other benefits include the quick speed of transactions that will make mining accessible to ETH holders.

Staking requirements

  • To begin with the staking of Ethereum, a validator must lock up at least 32 ETH in the official address of the deposit contract.
  • Ethereum staking pool is available and can provide you with the chance of staking without 32 Ethereum.
  • It will never allow delegation.
  • Apart from the minimum requirement of ETH, the staking requires you to allow certain software running to access a network that is called node client for verifying transactions on the blockchain.


  • It is called a third-generation blockchain platform.
  • It is designed to build and run smart contracts.
  • ADA, Cardano’s native crypto, is known to be a staking token used to incentivise some network security and facilitate transactions on the network.

Staking requirements:

  • A staking reward can be easily earned via stake delegation or running some stake pool.
  • Stake delegation will allow ADA holders to delegate the ADA in the staking pools.
  • It will not need network participation, such as running any node or specific hardware.
  • Stake pool operators run stake pools.
  • Each time any pool is chosen as a slot leader and a transaction block is validated, it will receive a reward distributed among the stake delegator.
  • Stake rewards are given equally to stake delegators on their total staked ADA 25 days before the cycle ends.


  • The native crypto of Terra is LUNA.
  • It is an open-source and public blockchain protocol.
  • It allows users in creating their stablecoins that are pegged to many international fiat cryptos such as the Korean wan, U.S. dollar or the euro.
  • Such stablecoins are never backed by any fiat currencies.
  • Instead, they maintain the price using some algorithms and the token of Terra LUNA.

Staking requirements

  • You can stake it in two ways.
  • One is like a delegator, and another is like a validator.
  • To delegate it to stake rewards, you do not have to fulfil any requirement.
  • You can directly do it in the native wallet of Terra called Terra Station.
  • If you stake like a validator, it will be more challenging as you will need to download the software Terra Core and run some validator nodes.
  • Any validator must be among the top 100 validators concerning delegated tokens for receiving staking rewards.
  • Or you will require some LUNA holders to choose you like their delegate for staking on their behalf.



Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile and unregulated investment item. Your capital will be at risk. Always consider investing in cryptocurrency if you can afford all the high risks to lose your money.




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