5 of the Most Bizarre Cryptocurrencies in the Market

Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite some time now. This is despite the fact that they were not too popular at the beginning. Many people continue to warm up to the idea of using cryptocurrency for various transactions, making the currency quite popular. This has also lead to increased security measures for anyone using this. To keep the currency safe, you may need to use things such as your face, iris, thumbprint scan, or password to access the funds/coins. There is also the option of backing up your access keys in the same way you back up personal or business files with reliable firms like ottomatik.io.

If you ask many people about the cryptocurrencies they are familiar with, you will most likely hear Bitcoin and Ether. These are the digital currencies with a massive following. Astonishingly, it is just a small fraction of what is available in the market. Below you will uncover five bizarre cryptocurrencies that you probably have not heard of.

  1. PotCoin

This is a digital currency that claims to be the cryptocurrency for the cannabis industry. It facilitates transactions that relate to selling and buying or legalized marijuana products. PotCoins are actually digital coins that users can send via the internet. This allows cannabis users to transact, communicate, grow, and interact with each other. PotCoin website claims that by using the PotCoins, industry players can realize top-grade enterprise security, scalability, and massive cost saving.

  1. Unobtanium

Referred to as UNO, the developers describe this as a rare digital currency that is unique for its scarcity, distribution, fair launch, and low inflation. The creators were also quick to say that in more than 30 years, only 250,000 Uno will be mined. Its official site also reveals that the currency is merged mined with Bitcoin, giving users a high difficulty secure blockchain that is three times faster than Bitcoin. Since its inception, Unobtanium continues to record steady growth and value retention an aspect that is draws in savvy traders and investors.

  1. Dogecoin

Dogecoin, it a peer-to-peer centralized digital currency that allows individuals to send money online easily. It is represented by a Shiba Inu a Japanese dog breed that became popular as a meme. The currency that has been around since 2013, managed to develop a vibrant online community on famous sites such as Reddit. In a bid to make its presence known, Dogecoin has pulled a couple of surprising antics such as sponsoring NASCAR drivers and Olympic athletes.

  1. Sexcoin

Sexcoin is a cryptocurrency that advertises itself as the adult entertainment blockchain. Individuals can use this to enjoy a more personalized experience while shopping for “adult products”. The currency claims that it is secure, anonymous with no chargebacks and minimal fees for those receiving payments. According to its site, the total supply of the Sexcoins has been limited to 250,000, 000 coins. Verifications of transactions happen pretty fast as it has a block time target of 60 seconds. This works well for multiple applications in the adult industry.

  1. PutinCoin

PutinCoin is an interesting digital currency that styles itself as Russia’s national cryptocurrency. It was created to pay tribute to the president and people of Russia. PutinCoin offers loads of possibilities for traders, businesses, social projects, private persons, apps, and services. PutCoin’s infrastructure consists of block-explorers, different types of wallets, gaming apps, and payment solutions allowing people to use this for various financial transactions.

Closing Remarks

Based on the trends in the cryptocurrency world, it looks like there is still a lot more to come in this industry. Developers are trying to outdo each other coming up with the most peculiar ideas for digital currency.

Image Source: www.pcmag.com

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