A Guide to Gaming and Cryptocurrencies

Online gaming, as well as cryptocurrency, are two of the best modern developments that the prevalence and expansion of the internet have brought us. There should be no surprise that these two are linked in so many ways these days. We will look at how they work together and helped develop and grow many exciting new products and games.

Purchase In-Game Items

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “in-app purchases” especially if you have kids that were let loose on a phone or console and were stung for a huge bill. Game developers rightly would want to offer as many different payment options as possible available to maximize the chances of making a sale. We have seen major platforms be able to take Bitcoin, such as Nintendo, PlayStation, and Android.

Casino Apps & Sites

These days online gambling is massively popular. It’s little surprise that online casinos are one of the leading sectors for acceptance of cryptocurrency. Many gamblers see this as advantageous due to the secretive nature of cryptocurrency. It is much easier to conceal losses or winnings when dealing with these currencies. Of course, there are potential addiction issues, but the gambling industry does take these seriously.


For some, we don’t know what to buy as gifts for loved ones. If you have another gamer in your life, then it’s easy to think of gaming as the perfect option for present ideas. But what to buy? Chances are they will already have most of the games they desire, and accessories are usually fully stocked up. You can always buy a gift card with Bitcoin, allowing them to choose their gift. The gift card is a much better option than gifting cryptocurrency coins themselves as the value can fluctuate, depending on which one you choose.

Hide Your Identity

One of the attractions of online gaming is that you can be anyone. You can choose your username or Gamertag and create the online personality of your choosing. Many games allow you to create characters with a depth of choice, as you can set your gender, physique, powers, and even species in some fantasy games. The level of detail you can edit and modify your character is eye-opening, but there is often only so far you can take your player with the basic options on offer. When this is the case, the only option is often additional character upgrades, which are purchased via the in-game store. Many games now offer these upgrades to be bought using cryptocurrency, as well as more traditional methods.

Save Money

Buying games, upgrades, and expansion items online are easy. If you pay using cryptocurrency and have invested well, then you can get what you want for a lower price. This is where the beauty of new currencies comes in. But you should be aware that invesmtent can go down as well as up.

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