Anthony Pompliano’s Opinion About Facebook Getting Into Crypto

Social media had been around for a while. However, Facebook led to its mind-boggling popularity. Ever since Facebook launched on February 4, 2004, it led to friends connecting with one another, even if they were in different parts of the world. Cryptocurrencies are starting to do the same for payments being easily transacted from one country to another.

Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek and a hardcore Cryptocurrency advocate, has pumped Crypto Twitter up during these bear markets. His Twitter handle is called ‘Pomp’ and his current famous line ‘Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers’ has helped keep the Crypto community strong.

His recent declaration points to Facebook building the most used product in Cryptocurrency. The prediction was in reply to The Block founder, Mike Dudas’s tweet about Facebook hiring Blockchain engineers.

I bet Facebook builds the most used product in crypto.— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) December 6, 2018

Pompliano believes Facebook has talent, experience and skills like no other company. Most of Facebook’s project delivers worldwide and is able to scale gigantically according to the Cryptocurrency enthusiast.

The current Facebook Blockchain team is headed by David Marcus, who resigned from the board of directors at Coinbase. Thus with his significant experience in the Cryptocurrency field, it will be interesting to see what problem Facebook utilises Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

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With the use cases Cryptocurrency has brought about, and the way it’s revolutionising economics and the game theory it will be interesting how Facebook uses a token. One good example could be a Cryptocurrency to incentivise group owners with pages of over 20,000 likes. It would not only entice users to help build groups on Facebook with relevant information and followers but also for Cryptocurrency adoption.

A Facebook Cryptocurrency wallet with its own token could help people to pay for things that they discover through advertisements. As of now typical credit card payments results in a 3% fee, through Cryptocurrency users will not face such unnecessary high charges.

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