Basic Attention Token Price Prediction 2019

The Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum-based ad-exchange platform that links publishers, advertisers, and users on the blockchain. The ERC-20 token is integrated into the Brave browser. It allows users to tip their favorite content creators. The token can be used to buy an ad through the Brave ad system. The project aims to improve online advertising by cutting out third-party ad exchanges and enhancing user privacy.

By the time of writing, BAT was valued at $0.288742 with a market cap of $360,701,150. In 2018, BAT made a number of moves that would positively impact its price. The Coinbase listing announcement was viewed as one of the major achievements by BAT considering that Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. BAT has been working on getting its own identity and it has gained popularity in the crypto world for its desire to be successful. But what does the future hold for BAT?

BAT Roadmap

The BAT roadmap is very transparent. The development team constantly updates the community about existing updates and works on the development of its product. Its activity can be seen on GitHub. BAT’s initial roadmap was published in 2017 and detailed the stages of development. Additionally, the team posted Brave Ads Roadmap, detailing how the advertising system will be rolled out. Many experts view the implementation of this roadmap as the main catalyst for the subsequent development of the project.

Notable BAT Partnerships

The BAT project has recently inked different significant deals that are likely to have an impact on its price. The platform has a deal with the TAP network. TAP is a blockchain advertising platform. With the partnership, it is now possible for users to redeem on choice their tokens as rewards for more than 250k brands including Uber and Starbucks. Furthermore, users can also earn BAT token while browsing VIMEO, which is the guardian of the brave browser.

Recently, Brave browser also inked a partnership with Cheddar, a top media and entertainment firm. The two parties will provide free subscriptions to premium Cheddar content for users of the Brave browser. Furthermore, reports indicate that BAT will partner with Imgur, a top photo-sharing site. The partnership is set to materialize in 2019. The listing of BAT on Coinbase and Goldman Sach’s circle platform is another major development to look out for.

BAT Price Prediction 2019

Predicting the price of any cryptocurrency is difficult considering the volatility of the market. Note that the rest of the cryptocurrency market is tied to the performance of Bitcoin and BAT is no exception. BAT price predication generally depends on Bitcoin’s price movements. If Bitcoin embarks on a bull run, then chances of other altcoins tagging along are high. However, Bitcoin is expected to have sideways movements in 2019 and this will be the case with BAT.

In the event, Bitcoin goes up, altcoins like BAT will be suppressed as money will be flowing to Bitcoin. Alternatively, the altcoins might tag along. If Bitcoin plunges, we might see depressed altcoins since the money will be flowing to fiat. Alternatively, the plunge might cause altcoins to spike in value as money flows into them. However, this rarely happens. If we have sideway Bitcoin movement, altcoins can mimic the move.

However, the BAT model will be tested in 2019. Notably, the token has performed well during the bear market. BAT was not significantly affected like other assets. This a clear sign that it can withstand hard times. Based on its unique advertising model, BAT has created a name for itself as it aspires to change the advertising industry. At the same time, Brave browser is solving a number of issues associated with prominent browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla. By putting these developments into considerations, BAT might hit the $0.348 mark by the end of 2019.

Expert Prediction

A number of leading market experts and platforms have come out to predict the future value of BAT based on partnerships and technical analysis. Here are some of the notable predictions.

Wallet Investor

Walletinvestor predicts the future of cryptocurrencies based on technical analysis. A look at the predictions by the website, there is a skeptical approach for most cryptocurrencies. BAT has not been left behind. By the end of 2019, the website predicts that BAT will have dropped by $0.09. This is a heavy drop. According to the website, if you are looking for virtual currencies with a good return, BAT can be a bad, high-risk one-year investment. It claims despite BAT looking good at the moment, an investment will be devalued in the future. Furthermore, the platform indicates that there is a possibility of BAT crashing before realizing its goal.

Trading Beasts

Trading beasts display that BAT will close the year at $0.25 which means it will essentially trade sideways in 2019. Note that BAT has already surpassed this mark by the time of writing.


Cryptoground made its prediction after BAT partnered with Tap network. The platform opines that with the right partnerships, BAT will be a serious token to watch out for.  Cryptoground predicts that BAT will close the year at $0.21. The platform also gave BAT’s value for 2024. They believe that BAT will hit the $0.91 mark within the next five years. BAT developers are working around the clock to ink key partnerships with leading global brands. These partnerships might therefore significantly affect the value of BAT. The platforms recommend that it is worth to invest in BAT for long term purposes. Additionally, the technical analysis shows that the price of Basic Attention Token
(BAT) will not decrease in the long term.


In its prediction, DigitalCoinPrice remained neutral. The platform believes BAT will close the year at $0.21 per token. The price of BAT will approximately hit $0.68035490 USD in years time. This almost double the current price. Within five years DigitalCoinPrice predicts that the highest value of BAT will be $1.5.

BAT Price Prediction 2020

When looking at BAT’s 2020 prediction, we need to put into consideration that the token is still new but moving in the right direction. Currently ranked among the top 40 cryptos with a unique business model, we expect prominent partners to come on board by 2020. Such key partnerships will lead to growth and adoption. We should, therefore, expect BAT to stand at around $0.527 in the next year.

BAT Five Year Price Predication

In the next five years, the cryptocurrency sector will have advanced significantly. We expect to see maturity and mass adoption. As far as BAT is concerned, the advertising model might take over and revolutionize the sector. The platform has the potential of taking the top stop since it is trying to solve perennial challenges that have characterized the online advertising system. With support from notable brands, BAT will surpass the $1 mark.


BAT is a new project with a bright future. Predicting its price is challenging just like any other cryptocurrency due to industry volatility. However, BAT can still rise depending on its market acceptability and of course, volatility of the crypto sphere. There is a need for observing the performance of BAT before investing. The token needs to achieve stability first.

Amisi Paul

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