Best Ethereum Pool – How To Pick The Best ETH Pool

Ethereum is an open-source platform for decentralized applications. The platform allows developers to write code that controls digital assets, runs exactly as programmed, and accessible anywhere in the world. In terms of market capitalization, the Ethereum cryptocurrency is the second largest digital asset. By the time of writing, Ethereum was trading at $244.49 with a market capitalization of $26,018,174,620.

Ethereum mining is one way of earning cryptocurrencies in 2019. However, with each passing day, more miners are joining the Ethereum network something that lowers revenues. The returns are low considering the fact that mining equipment can be very expensive alongside electricity costs. If you are into Ethereum mining, first, you need to set up your hardware. The next step is to select the best mining pool that will give you profit. As mentioned, mining revenues have declined and you need to identify a pool that will guarantee you good returns. Here are a few of the best Ethereum pool to consider in 2019.

Which are the best ETH pools? 


SparkPool is a global Ethereum mining pool initially called Ethfans. Currently, using a PPLNS system with a minimum payout of 0.05 ETH with a 1% fee. All the settlements are real-time. Apart from Ethereum, this pool supports mining of Beam and Grin cryptocurrencies. To secure your earnings, SparkPool uses cold and hot wallets. This is probably the best ethereum pool for now with a 52 TH/s and 28.6% of the known hashrate.

A majority of the coins is stored in a cold wallet thanks to enhanced security features that keep hackers at bay. Accessing this pool has been simplified after developers came up with a mobile application. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The application dubbed SparkHub allows you to manage your assets through a built-in decentralized wallet.


Ethpool/Ethermine are not the same Ethereum mining pools. However, they have striking similarities. The two platforms are high ranking and reputable pools. It is worth noting that the two pools control about 23% of Ethereum hashing power. This is another great ethereum pool that you can pick for ethereum mining. Currently, we can say that ETHpool has been one of the oldest and the best ether pool that there is. The Ethpool payout depends on your hashrate, but its surely better than Nicehash.  However, its recommended that the ethermine minimum payout to be at least 1 ETH – otherwise there would be a fee;.

Ethpool is a global mining platform with servers in parts of the United States, Europe, and Asia. Ethpool is a predictable solo mining pool where 99% of the block reward is credited to the miner who contributes the most to the pool. As a result, Ethpool has set a unique reward system. The Ethpool platform has detailed global and per-worker statistics that are easy to understand for both experienced and new miners. The mining fee stands at 1%. Users of this pool also get access to a professional helpdesk.

On the other hand, Ethermine does not differ from Ethpool. The platform supports instant payouts. A user receives payments in Ethereum once the configured payments threshold has bee attained. This pool also supports anonymous mining with an efficient mining engine and low orphan rate.


F2pool is a multi cryptocurrency mining pool that supports Ethereum and Bitcoin. The pool gained the 3rd position on our best ethereum pools articles as its one of the oldest, most respectable ether pools and because they have mobile applications.The pool comes with a mobile application which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The application allows a smooth verification of data on the go. With F2Pool each supported cryptocurrency has different commission alongside a minimum withdrawal amount. All payments are automatic once the minimum payout has been achieved. However, there is an exception when you want to withdraw a minimum amount that does not meet the threshold. Just contact the team and they will advise. Online reviews further indicate that the platform has one of the best customer support services. F2pool is the 3rd biggest ethereum pool with a 10.6% of the hashrate at time of writing. The only ‘issue’that F2pool have its the pool fee with 2.5%.


DwarfPool controls about 2% of Ethereum mining hashing power. It allows mining of Monero, Dash among other assets. The pool has dedicated serves distributed across the globe. You get a chance to select the closest server near you. Getting started with DwarfPool is easy because there is no need for registering while monitoring of rig can be done through the email. This mining pool has some of the best payment structure as all payments are automatically carried out on an hourly basis. There are several payment systems on this pool. For Ethereum it is recommended to use HBPPS. Dwarfpool mining pool commission for the token is 1.0% and 1.5% for Monero. The reason why we chose this pool is the fact that they have a low payout structure and they explain properly how to start mining ethereum.


2Miners is an Ethereum mining pool that supports other assets like ETC, EXP with a 0.5% fee for PPLNS and 1.5% for solo. The pool has dedicated servers in USA, Europe, and Asia. This pool also supports Nicehash. 2Miners has a dedicated port making it 100% compatible with Nicehash stratum. It worth pointing out that 2Miners is Nicehash officially recommended pool.

The rig monitoring has been made easy thanks to email and Telegram notifications. This service is free of charge for any amount of mining rigs. In case you encounter difficulties, you can contact the 2Miners team through Telegram chat or leaving a Zendesk ticket. 2Miners is also ideal for beginners as it comes with a guide on how to mine Ethereum. Why we consider one of the best ethereum pool even if they’re not in top 10 based on hashrate? Because you can solo mine ethereum based on their setttings.  Their support is active on Telegram and its easy to start mining ethereum with 2Miners. That’s why we consider that 2miners are among the best eth pools.


When it comes to Ethereum mining pools, the list cannot be exhausted now. However, the above pools are among the notable ones that guarantee good returns alongside a friendly experience. Most mining pools differ in terms of charges and the experience of miners on the platform. At the end of the day, the mining pool you settle for heavily depends on your needs. Most importantly, chose a mining pool that is reliable with good security features. Furthermore, ensure the mining pool has a good customer care support system. Generally, conduct sufficient research to avoid falling for scams.

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