Best IOTA Wallets – Finding the Best IOTA wallet in 2020

The Internet of Things Application (IOTA) is a distributed ledger that was developed to record and execute transactions between different machines in the IOTA ecosystem. Developers of IOTA had the vision of addressing transaction charges and scalability problems within the blockchain through removing the block and chain. In the near future, IOTA will facilitate easy payments within objects that have sensors.With the IOTA verification system, there is no need for having a central ledger. This verification method is known as a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). However, IOTA developers refer to it as Tangle. Within the Tangle system, the computing power grows alongside the entire network resulting in free and instant transactions. At the same time, miners do not require to power the system. The IOTA network uses the MIOTA token. Therefore, its important to find  reliable iota miota wallets  to keep your funds secure.

Best Wallets For IOTA

Before selecting a wallet, put into consideration factors like security, user-friendliness and transaction charges. Here are some of the best IOTA wallets that guarantee the safety of your assets.There are different types of wallets from which you can choose. The most known crypto wallets are hardware wallet ( known for keeping your cryptocurrency safe), desktop wallets and mobile wallet ( for a easier way to access your funds anytime ) and paper wallets ( where you cryptocurrency is almost 100% secure, but hard to reach at in some cases). So, if you buy iota and wondering what cryptocurrency wallets are best to keep it on, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created this guide so you’d understnad what is best wallet to store your iota coin.

Guarda Wallet

guarda wallet

Apart from supporting IOTA tokens, the Guarda wallet also supports other assets like BTC and Ethereum. It is among the best IOTA wallets because it is designed to store, manage, transfer and receive cryptocurrency tokens. It is an Android and iOS light wallet that comes with an option to buy coins with a banking card and top up wallets via built-in exchange service.

On the security aspect, the Guarda wallet allows users to store their private keys locally. All private keys delete themselves once you log out of the wallet. Furthermore, unlike other wallets, with Guarda, you don’t need an account to conduct your transactions. It eliminates the need for complicated verification processes. The non-registration feature is available on both mobile and desktop versions.

Guarda is a gui light wallet with great levels of security that allows you sending and receiving IOTA coin within minutes, There’s no setup process for Guarda wallet, you install it and start using it. Guarda wallet is a great way to receive IOTA and among the best wallets for storing IOTA.If you’re looking for a userfriendly wallet and also a beautiful gui wallet, this is the best for your IOTA holdings.

IOTA Wallet for Android

It is the official wallet by the IOTA team. The IOTA wallet android an open source platform meant for fast and convenient management of your IOTA tokens. Using this wallet is easy and free. All you have to do is download, install and start managing your tokens. On security features, it ranks top among best IOTA wallets. It has features like QR code scanner, seed generator, password protection. Additionally, users have the ability to monitor the current IOTA balance in various currencies. The developers also incorporated a live Tangle explorer that comes with search functionality. This gui light iota wallet type is perfect for anyone storing iota on their phones to test it in day to day use-cases. It enables users to transfer the tokens faster & securely from one iota address to another.

Ledger Nano S IOTA Wallet

ledger wallet

The Ledger Nano S is one of the best wallet for iota. Over the years, the Ledger Nano S has gained popularity as one of the most secure hardware wallets. Apart from IOTA, the wallet supports other multiple cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that The IOTA Ledger wallet integrates with the IOTA Trinity and Romeo Wallets and secludes the user’s seed.

Your coins are secure even if the wallet gets lost, thanks to the PIN support. The wallet has the peer to peer authentication feature alongside recovery seed accessibility.Furthermore, the OLED screen helps you monitor transaction details with a double tap button. It is important to note that you should only purchase the Ledger Nano S from the official website, not Amazon or any other retailer. This will guarantee you that the device has not been compromised. The Ledger Nano S is one of the best iota wallets there are, but a bit expensive for a normal consumer.

IOTA Trinity Wallet

The IOTA trinity wallet is for both mobile and desktop versions. On mobile, it is available on Android and iOS version while on the desktop it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is among best IOTA wallets with an impressive user interface and a GUI light. Everything about this wallet is automatic.

Users are only key in the address and the wallet takes over. The wallet was developed by a student at the University College London (UCL). On the security aspect, the IOTA wallet trinity is secure. You can back up all your data and retrieve it in case it is lost. The wallet which is still undergoing upgrades will also support various languages. If you’re looking for a iota wallet for android, Trinity wallet is the best choice for you. Its levels of security and easy setup process makes it one of the most userfriendly wallet for IOTA. And its even backed up by the IOTA team.

GUI Light IOTA Wallet 

The GUI light IOTA wallet s part of the IOTA’s graphical user interface. This capability makes it easy and quick to access your funds. The wallet is available on different desktop operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

For beginners, navigating the wallet is very easy as the interface is straightforward. Crypto starters have an option of selecting between the full node and the light node. For the start, you should use the light node option. The wallet does not store any private keys on a third party server meaning that users are in control of their funds. The GUI light wallet allows you to use your recovery seed, and the fact that its accepted by windows mac and linux makes it an ever better IOTA wallet.

Nostalgia IOTA Light Wallet 

This wallet is for someone who wants a great iota walletwith awesome security features. If you’re looking after a IOTA walletfor mac windows or linux – this is it.  The Nostalgia IOTAis a wallet available for anyone that uses the operating systems mentioned above, but its setup process is not so easy.
However, its great security features and the fact that its the fastest wallet to access the IOTA network makes Nostalgia wallet one of the best IOTA wallets.  The team has created a tutorial about creating a Nostalgia Light wallet for IOTA.


At this point, you have an idea about what to look for in an IOTA wallet. However, before settling on any wallet, always conduct sufficient research to avoid settling for a scam. Security of your IOTA tokens should come first. Avoid using hot wallets offered by trading platforms. In case there is a security breach at the exchange, it means that you can lose your assets with a little chance of recovering them. The Nano Ledger S wallet appears to be the most secure option when it comes to storing your IOTA tokens. This hardware wallet has a positive market reputation on security matters. A good option, if you’re running a IOTA web wallet, is Brave browser. Extra privacy and an Incorporated ad block makes Brave browser perfect for crypto enthusiasts.

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