Best Places To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card

Bitcoin is the gateway to the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin is the top digital asset with a $170,544,922,050 market capitalization. By the time of writing this article, the asset was trading at  $10613.11. There are several ways of owning Bitcoin like mining it or buying on cryptocurrency exchanges. On crypto exchanges, you can buy Bitcoin using a credit or debit card. Several exchanges have enabled the instant purchase of Bitcoin through a credit card. This process is smooth and convenient for investors. Here are the best places to buy Bitcoin using a credit card.


Despite a recent security breach, Binance continues to be among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange enjoys a good user base and dozens of listed cryptocurrencies. To buy Bitcoin using a credit, Binance has partnered with payment processor Simplex to assist clients in purchasing crypto with a credit or debit card. According to Binance, this move is part of a larger initiative to increase mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

To get started, you need to create an account with  Binance by visiting the website or the mobile application available for Android and iOS devices. You will need to provide your email address and use a strong password. Agree with the terms and click on Register. You will then verify your account by entering a six-number code sent to your email address. Note that Binance does not require the KYC process provided you are withdrawing less than 2 Bitcoins.  However, you will provide additional private information when purchasing Bitcoin with credit or debit card through Binance.

You will then log into your account and click on “Funds” section from the Binance toolbar, and choose the “Buy with Credit Card” option. Select the crypto you wish to buy; in this case, it is Bitcoin.  In the next phase, Binance will display the total amount that you will be charged, with fees included. Buying Bitcoin via credit card will cost you a fee of 3,5% or $10. You can buy Bitcoin using either USD or EUR. By press time, the minimum and maximum purchases are equivalent to $50 and $20,000, respectively.  If you are using this service for the first time, you should start small to be on the safe side. Note that Binance allows you to buy any amount of Bitcoin using a credit card. You can toggle the base currency of your credit card between USD or EUR.

Using Simplex

You will need to confirm your order in the next stage. Always read the disclaimer displayed to learn more about the purchase process. Then go to “Go to Payment”. From here, you will proceed to Simplex. To navigate Simplex, provide your details by filling in the necessary fields and agreeing to the terms and conditions. In the next phase, verify your phone number by entering the 4-digit code sent by Simplex. You will also check your email address. Once done with the verification process, enter details of your Mastercard or Visa card to complete the order. Binance will then complete your cryptocurrency order.

In most cases, the process takes between 10 and 30 minutes before Bitcoin reflects in your Binance account.  The time taken depends on factors like network congestion. In the event, you don’t see the Bitcoin in your Binance account, don’t panic. Contact the Simplex customer service that has a reputation for efficiency. Always use your transaction ID when contacting the team. The ID is essential in monitoring the status of your transaction. As a Bitcoin investor, you need to take advantage of this feature on Binance.


Coinbase is an American trading platform with the operation is several regions across the globe. The exchange offers a convenient way to buy Bitcoin using a debit card. The platform accepts both Mastercard and Visa debit cards. Coinbase allows buying of up to $150 or €150 of Bitcoin per week instantly with a debit card in the United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia. You will be charged a flat 3.99% fee on all purchases via debit card. To get started, you will need to create an account with Coinbase. Always ensure the exchange is offering its services in your country.  You will need an email and password. Confirm your email and then login into your account. Note that you can buy Bitcoin on both the website and the mobile applications.

Login and Verification

Login in to your account and visit the payment methods page to proceed.  The next phase entails adding the payment method, which is the credit card. Click on the ‘Add Payment Method’ near the top of the page. You will be given several options, select ‘Credit/Debit Card’ on the payment method selector. Note that to proceed from here, you need to complete a photo ID verification for security reasons. Once done with the verification process, you will be redirected to the card section. Remember to ensure that the address you provide should be the same for the card billing. Sometimes, Coinbase might ask you to provide the billing address separately.

In the next phase, accept a prompt explaining the two pending charges that will be made to the card. Login to your cardholder’s account and check for the two small costs made. You should now see a window that says “Credit/Debit Card Added’ and a ‘Buy Digital Currency’ button.

You can now buy Bitcoin using the ‘Buy/Sell’ page anytime. This process should be instant.  To purchase Bitcoin, go to the ‘Buy/Sell Digital Currency’ page. Select the desired amount you wish to purchase. There will be a drop-down menu with different payment methods. Select the card on the payment methods. You will now confirm the order by rechecking the details and click on “Complete Buy”. The purchased Bitcoin should be reflected in your wallet instantly.

Buying on Coinbase Apps

If you are using the Coinbase application on iOS, here is how to go about it.  Login in to your Coinbase application and head over to the menu icon on the top left. Select ‘Buy’ and key in the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase. In the next phase, you are choosing a card as your payment method. A prompt will show up requiring you to confirm if the information is correct and select ‘Buy Digital Currency’. The Bitcoin should be in your wallet within a short period.

On Android, the first login into your Coinbase app account. Generally, the process is similar to iOS devices. From the top left part of your app, select Menu and clicked on Buy. You will then enter the Bitcoin amount you would like to purchase and select a card as your payment method. Lastly, confirm if the information entered is correct and choose ‘Buy Digital Currency’.  Coinbase is an effective way to buy Bitcoin with ease. However, the exchange does come with limitations. Due to the high number of customers, it takes a while to get approved for new traders. Coinbase must comply with Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering laws.


Bitpanda is considered as the Coinbase of Europe. The cryptocurrency exchange boasts of many payment methods when it comes to buying cryptocurrencies. The platform allows, Neteller, credit/debit card, among other methods. Bitpanda’s reputation is based on the fact that it has some of the lowest fees when buying Bitcoin using a credit card. You can purchase coins with a credit/debit card for 3-4% fees. The fees are not displayed publically but displayed in your buy price when completing your purchase. When your BitPanda account is verified, the limit is €2,500 (€75,000 monthly).

First, you need to create an account with BitPanda. You will need an email address and password. Verify your email address and then login into your BitPanda account. The verification process also entails a video identification procedure. BitPanda has partnered with several companies to enable this features like IdentityTM and IDNow. You will also need a stable Internet connection as part of the verification.

Buying With Debit Card on Bitpanda   

Login in to your account and click ‘Buy’ located on the top menu bar. In the next phase, you will see a page requiring you to select either Visa/Mastercard. Additionally, enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase. The card will be billed in Euros. Then confirm that you want to buy Bitcoin using a credit/debit card. It worth mentioning that on Bitpanda, only 3d-Secure Mastercard and verified by Visa cards are allowed. This process should take about 10 seconds.  In the next phase, you will have to confirm the amount you wish to purchase. Additionally, take a look at the BitPanda’s exchange rate that is located in “the Current Price” section. For BitPanda, the rate is usually 3-4% above the market rate since. Note that BitPanda’s fees are part of the exchange rate. BitPanda will give you 60 seconds to lock in your exchange rate and confirm.

The next stage entails SMS or phone call verification. Enter the PIN code you received via SMS or phone call. If the check is successful, you can now click “Click here to start the payment process”.  You will now have 10 minutes timeframe to complete this order.    On this page, you will enter your credit card details through mPAY24. Bitpanda allows new users to make their first transaction limited to €2500. Only after the first transaction can you enjoy the increased limits. If you are depositing a higher amount, Bitpanda may require you to undergo the KYC and AML regulations. Note that Bitpanda also offers over-the-counter (OTC) services for customers with purchasing or selling amounts over €1 million.


Buying cryptocurrencies with debit and credit is the most convenient way of getting into the digital asset world.  Note that using a credit card is easy for even new beginners. However, in some cases, it is hard to buy large amounts of Bitcoin using a credit/debit card. Additionally, the fees can also be higher. Lastly, using debit cards can expose you to scams and online fraud. While using a debit/credit card, there are some aspects to consider. Always ensure that the exchange you settle for has a good reputation in the market. Transactions that are well regulated are the ideal option. Do your research online from other users before deciding to use the exchange. Look at the privacy issue where the company should not be collecting card information. Collection of card information can be used to make illegal online purchases.

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