Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork – Who Really Won?

Bitcoin Cash’s Hard Fork has been the talk of the Cryptocurrency community. In other words the battle of two former friends who are now one of the most hated men in Cryptocurrency Roger Ver vs Craig Wright. Roger Ver represented Bitcoin Cash ABC while Craig Wright the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto was on Bitcoin Cash SV side.

Details according to Coin.Dance reveals that at the time of writing 162 Blocks have been mined under the new consensus rules with Bitcoin ABC currently ahead by 36 blocks.

Major Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance have already started distributing the resulting coins of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. The ratio given on Binance, for example,, was 1:1. Trading of the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork products will start on the 16th of November at 8 AM UTC.

If you were not able to follow the live Tweets while the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork drama was being played out, you might be wondering who mined the first block and which miner was successful. Don’t fret, Zerocrypted explains further how it all began!

The Hard Fork began at 1:00 pm EST where the miners started the fork by directing their hash rate to the own forks they were mining. The first BCH ABC block mined was by at Block height 556767 followed by another Block at the same height.
Around 1.00pm EST, the miners started the fork by directing their hash rate to mine the respective forks that they were supporting.

At 1:22 EST the first Bitcoin SV Block was mined at height 556767 by Mempool which initiated the beginning of the Hard fork.

Zerocrypted Opinion

The drama of the BCH Hard Fork has been highlighted in the last few weeks, and the favourite amongst the two camps BCH ABC ended up being the outright winner. However, Bitcoin SV has the ability to carry out fork attacks to mine empty blocks as it can have 51% of hash power in hand. Thus these attacks can result in double spend attacks.

The chances of Bitcoin Cash SV taking advantage of the situation is not confirmed however since it’s the Blockchain and it’s decentralised the possibilities of Bitcoin Cash SV doing this are likely.



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