Bitcoin Price Opinion – More Positive Than In 2018

Everyone knows that 2018 was an unpleasant year for Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency market as well. The first and foremost cryptocurrency Bitcoin fell more than 80 percent of the value through the span of the year; the blood-letting has been extreme.

If we leave the surprising surge seen on February 8, 2019, when Bitcoin price achieved a high of $3,802, the Bitcoin market has remained relatively stable in the course of recent days. The market has now observed a 6.36% price increment in the last seven days as the cryptographic money presently trades at the $3,622.60 USD and currently holds a $63,533,773,521 USD market cap value.

The stability that the crypto market is going trough the few weeks make a lot of experts to be positive about the Bitcoin’s price over the long term. They believe that even if Bitcoin drops a bit more, it will eventually increase in value as it happen again in the past.

With the news about hashrate increment, trouble alterations, and stability at the 200-week moving average, crypto analyst CryptoMento anticipated that Bitcoin could reach $2000 but even like this on the long term it would be good to purchase it.

He tried to convince the users that it will be the last time to buy BTC at this price range. Not just this, he also predicted that BTC could reach $100,000 by the year 2025.

CryptoMento isn’t the only one who proposed to purchase Bitcoin. A Chinese billionaire Zhao Dong also suggested buying Bitcoin as it is the last opportunity to purchase at this value. According to an interview by Forbes, Dong expressed that if users could believe the eventual fate of Bitcoin, at that point, they should purchase the as many Bitcoins and hold it to sell at a lot more expensive rates.

Josh Rager, a cryptocurrency trader, investor, and advisor also encouraged to purchase Bitcoin by saying that it could be the last opportunity when the general population can afford to buy Bitcoin. The statement clearly shows that he is pointing his finger at the splendid future of Bitcoin. He predicted that by 2021, Bitcoin prices would be there where just fractions will be purchased.

It appears that the popular opinion right now would be that Bitcoin could surely increase in the future. Some people think it will drop further, some people see it at $100,000 in a few years. Right now, the best would be to research more yourself and if you’d like to buy it – please do it carefully and only invest what you can afford to lose after consulting with a financial adviser.


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