Bittrex and Bitsdaq team up! New platform on its way

Asia is such a mouthwatering market to some industries that they just cannot ignore it. There is absolutely no distinct product that will be lucrative in Asia, it is believed that pretty much anything can blow up there. The US-based crypto exchange, Bittrex has gotten the idea an is now partnered up with Bitsdaq to bring their services to the Asian market.

The platform that will be born through this partnership, will offer a variety of cryptos to everyone willing to invest in Asia. It has already been reported that the platform to be used, belongs to Bitsdaq, with the help of technology from Bittrex. The partnership is a huge success for both parties. As Bittrex will receive some much-needed knowledge about the local market from Bitsdaq, while Bitsdaq will benefit from the state of the art technology from Bittrex.

Combining efforts

The customers are to benefit from the partnership as well as Bittrex and Bitsdaq will combine each others’ tokens to list on this joint platform. Therefore the investors will have a wider variety in terms of choice, further helping them diversify their portfolio. However, it hasn’t been concluded whether or not the platform will be web exclusive or it will have a specific connection to a mobile app. We’ve seen with this Voyager review that just a mobile app is enough to boost the popularity of a crypto exchange, no additional development is needed.

Waiting time: soon

According to Bittrex’s statement on the venture, Bitsdaq will take responsibility for managing the platform day-to-day. This means that the local company will have to take care of all the marketing, customer support and sales as well.

No matter how many outcries have already been heard from enthusiastic Asian investors, the final date of the launch is not yet public. However, we do know from Bitsdaq that it will happen sometime this month. Well, this month only has 2 weeks left, so the wait is not going to be long. A pre-register is already available, however.

Bittrex is on a massive partner-up streak, as Bitsdaq is not the first one it has befriended. The US exchange has teamed up with some well-known firms like INCS and

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