Cardano (ADA) Prepares For An Exciting 2019

Cardano has started it’s 2019 on the right foot with IOHK publishing the much-awaited upgrade on the Proof of Stake mechanism called Ouroboros. It was published on New Year’s eve of 2019.

It is a critical part to facilitate side chains on the network. Side chains can be defined as a separate Blockchain which is attached to the parent Blockchain through a two-way peg which allows the assets to be moved across the chain.

It’s not just sidechains, but more great news for Cardano just before 2018 ended. On the 30th of December 2018, Emurgo revealed that popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor will support Cardano’s native token of ADA.


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Sidechains prove that Cardano has a bright future with massive scalability and interoperability.  While Trezor’s support for ADA means, it’s competitor Ledger will soon follow suit in adding ADA.

The development team of Cardano which is EMURGO is seen to be massively involved in taking action instead of dwelling in during the crypto bear markets of 2018.

No wonder Cardano sits on top in terms of most actively developed cryptocurrency according to CoinCodeCap. Cardano has been credited to have received 46,000 commits in its code repositories in the last 12 months.

Cardano is unique in the cryptocurrency space as it’s based on scientific philosophy and peer-reviewed research. It is noted for its constant update and well-planned roadmap which makes it relevant in both the scientific and business front.

Some of the updates to the Cardano platform include Firefox Web Browser Support,Blockchain Utilities and a Lite-Client.

Cardano at the time of writing is ranked 11th with a market capitalisation of $1,112,633,328 and valued at $0.042914.

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