CEO of deVERE Group’s bullish price prediction for XRP: $1 by the end of 2018

Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group, expressed his positivity for Ripple’s XRP in an article.

He spoke about XRP reaching the $1.00 price before the end of the year, given that XRP has unique features such as its technology and problem-solving capabilities. He further highlighted XRP’s 100% rise in price last week.

Green even predicted XRP to double after a year as the adoption and usage of XRP will skyrocket.

At the time of writing, XRP is growing upwards and is at $0.56309 with a market capitalization of $22,483,290,276.

Green’s optimism for cryptocurrency suggests that many in the financial industry are now turning towards the digital assets. Green specified that XRP is ‘proving to be one of the most useful cryptocurrencies for businesses, organisations and even individuals.’

It is not the first time, Green has praised XRP. Back in April he spoke about crypto naysayers changing their minds about crypto thanks to Ripple.

Nigel Green founded deVere Group in 2002 and currently boasts of over 80,000 clients in more than 100 countries with $10 billion under its belt for advice and administration.

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Ripple’s technology of assisting financial institutions for quicker and cheaper cross-border transactions is becoming quite popular. Ripple’s native token which is XRP is expected to make a breakthrough once xRapid technology is finally released for use. Currently, banks such as UBS and Santander are using xCurrent which use fiat currency and not XRP.

Ripple is seen to be challenging traditional banking’s go-to technology for cross-border which is the SWIFT. SWIFT’s unbelievable presence in 11,000 institutions means Ripple will have to 100x its use in institutions.

XRP’s brief overtaking of Ethereum’s second place in crypto rankings sounded alarms on cryptocurrency enthusiasts with praises of XRP’s vision and enthusiastic work.

It is no wonder the CEO of deVERE said: “There’s no stopping Ripple XRP!”

However, debates are still taking place over XRP being centralized due to the control of 62% of XRP which goes against cryptocurrency’s main characteristic of decentralization.

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