Charlie Lee Spreads Litecoin’s Wings With the New HTC Exodus

HTC Exodus is a Blockchain powered smartphone which serves as a Cryptocurrency wallet along with a secure data vault. It was designed by HTC’s Decentralized Chief Officer Phil Chen who is a major Cryptocurrency buff.

Initially, HTC was to include only the two formidable forces in Cryptocurrency which are Bitcoin and Etheruem to buy the revolutionary smartphone. However, the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee tweeted confirming Litecoin too will be able to be used to purchase the HTC Exodus.

Litecoin being added does not come as much of a shock as Charlie Lee was announced to serve as an advisor to HTC Exodus on 30th July 2018.

The price mentioned in Lee’s tweet is 19.84 LTC. At the time of writing Litecoin is valued at $29.55 which means as of now you can order it for $586. Lee fixing a price in LTC terms shows his confidence about Litecoin’s value. Given that it’s fixed if Litecoin does fall it will lead to buyers paying less in US Dollar terms and vice versa if Litecoin increases in value.

Every Exodus device will serve as a node, and thus every user will own their identity and their data pushing for a more decentralised system. The sole reason is that Chen and the crew at HTC believe in an ‘open internet’ which matches Blockchain technology’s vision of decentralisation and transparency.

Zerocrypted Opinion

HTC Exodus will compete with another Blockchain powered smartphone which is Sirin Lab’s FINNEY. The Finner released last week to a grand reception in Barcelona which included popular footballer Messi.

When comparing the two, FINNEY is pretty hardcore with the Blockchain features such as a true cold storage wallet. HTC Exodus on the other hand stores private keys in a storage called Zion which is isolated from the operating system.

Just as Apple competes with Samsung in the smartphone category, HTC and Sirin Labs are competing for the Blockchain smartphone industry. It will be interesting to see which phone the Cryptocurrency community prefers!

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