CoinSpectator – A Review of the Oldest Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

Today we’re going to have our first review about the oldest cryptocurrency news aggregator – Coinspectator. For those of you who don’t know what a news aggregator is – it’s a website that gathers a lot of respectable websites from an industry domain or more and they present the headlines for all of those websites in an interface created so the user can read what he will find interesting. Long story short – a website that presents you the latest news from a special niche so you can know everything that it moves in that area.

Coinspectator’s Biggest Benefits

The first thing you will notice when you enter on the website is how clean and compact is everything. The website is extremely easy to read, making it accessible even for the people who are not familiar with these types of website. You can sort out the news based on ‘Latest news’ or ‘Top News’ – where the ‘Top News’ are the most interesting news that appear that day according to their community of readers. As a member of Coinspectator, you can also vote the news based on your preferences – just remember to be unbiased about your opinion and don’t upvote good articles about a cryptocurrency that you hate.

You can also rate a news based on how you think it will influence the market. A good one might be bullish for the market while a bad one can be bearish – its your call to decide how you think an article will impact the market. You can also mark an article as ‘Shilling’ or ‘FUD’ – so you fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts would know that those news aren’t worth reading. This section is called ‘community sentiment’ and its created so that you can express your opinion about those news.

Besides the news, CoinSpectator also have a list with ICOs – and you can also sort them by: Hot, Active, Upcoming, Ended and Scams. Any ICO have its name and a short description about that ICO plus a ton of links to their social media channels, ICO website, ICO subreddit and many more things. Its extremely usefull if you want an elegant way to search for an upcoming ICO to invest in or check which ICOs were scam and learn not to invest in those. And who knows – maybe based on their websites you can found one of the next most profitable ICOs.


Their stats are impressive. With a history in the cryptocurrency news industry since 2013 – CoinSpectator become a well-known name in this industry distributing over 66,000 news pieces 48,000 project updates and having over 19,000 influencer comments. Moreover, they also have the CoinSpectator blog where they post news about the upcoming ICOs, Exchange listing news and many other interesting articles.

One of the greatest thing about CoinSpectator is that the news are almost in real time. So, if you want to stay in touch with the latest news from the industry – CoinSpectator is one of the best cryptocurrencies news aggregators to use in this case.


In case you’re looking to stay in touch with the latest cryptocurrnecy news, CoinSpectator is among the best cryptocurrency news aggregators there is. Their clean and mobile responsive website makes it safe to use and a great way to read the latest news or see what are the most appreciated websites by their community.  You can also follow them on Twitter to stay in touch with their updates.

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