ConsenSys Founder Joseph Lubin Claims We’ve Reached The ‘Cryptobottom’

Joseph Lubin is ending 2018 with positive cryptocurrency predictions. He took to Twitter to elaborate on the ‘cryptobottom of 2018.’

With the several replies by him to his Tweet, it portrayed that he wanted to clear the air about ConsenSys’s rumored issues. The reports of ConsenSys cutting down 60% of its staff, was clearly answered by Lubin. He stated that the same employees are looking at filling other roles in the company.

He clearly emphasized about the future looking bright, and that scalability is going to change the impact of the cryptocurrency market.

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One thing to note was Monero’s lead developer, Ricardo Spagni’s sarcastic tweet to Vitalik Buterin’s reply about how the public portrayed ConsenSys cutting staff. Spagni called out Buterin on his response stating that ConsenSys has no organisational management strategy. Buterin’s ‘lulz’ in the reply was also faced by a heavy backlash by users as it showed disrespect to people losing jobs, to which Buterin justified it was about the public’s response.

Joseph Lubin is a Canadian entrepreneur who is well respected in the cryptocurrency circle given his contributions to Ethereum. He founded the Swiss-based EthSuisse which helped Ethereum tremendously. ConsenSys, another startup he founded focuses on blockchain software technology and has been successful in its field.

Lubin is noted to be of the wealthiest people in cryptocurrency with a reported one to five billion dollars.

The ConsenSys founder usually talks and tweets about blockchain technology’s progress and how it will impact the world we live in. Thus Lubin answering the hard questions on layoffs shows his transparency which can help build a more trusted crypto community.

Overall Lubin’s prediction comes with a lot of trust and confidence paving the way to a brighter cryptocurrency future in 2019.

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