Crypto Hardware Wallet Ledger Becomes Mobile Friendly

With most of the world preferring their mobiles to using laptops or desktops, Ledger has developed a Bluetooth enabled crypto wallet. The device called Nano X was revealed at the most popular electronics show the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which took place in Las Vegas, USA.

The CEO of Ledger explained the importance of the Ledger X by stating, “The fact that we have a mobile application and it works with the Nano X is really the big evolution of the hardware for this lineup.”

There is good news for people eyeing the Nano S as they will become cheaper as soon as Nano X becomes available.

Compared to the previous models, Ledger X will have a bigger screen along with supporting a wide range of 100 cryptocurrencies. While it will also be compatible with the Ledger Live mobile application which will be on Google’s Play and Apple’s iTunes on January 16th.

Many may think that Bluetooth leads to a less secure system. However, the Nano X will isolate the user’s private keys inside a certified secure element (CC EAL 5+). The CC EAL 5+ is the same chip used in credit cards and passports.

You can pre-order the Ledger Nano X through the official Ledger website at a mere price of $119.

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