Daily Cryptocurrency News – 10th November 2018

Here are the most important cryptocurrency news of 10th November 2018:

MUFG Bank Exploring Ripple’s Technology for New Service

MUFG – THe largest bank from Japan is now exploring Ripple’s technology for their new cross-border payment service. The service will be available between Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) and Banco Bradesco – one of the largest bank in Brazil. Both banks have a long history – MUFG has over 360 years of history while Branco Bradesco was founded in 1943 in the city of Osasco,  São Paulo. There was a memorandum signed between this two yesterday. And it also caught the media attention, as CryptoEri , a well known Tokyo crypto analyst tweeted about this news:

This partnership is a great thing for Ripple as its community is growing as the RippleNet gains more and more customers. Indeed, the transfers are not made in XRP so that won’t impact the price probably – but its great to see financial institutions creating partnership with cryptocurrency ones. It shows to people and investors that crypto is not an investment opportunity, but it also have a real life use-case that’s beneficial for everyone.

VeChain Digital Carbon Platform Introduction

Vechain recently announced their future VeChain Carbon Ecological Platform. Basically, they want to create an environment where users would be incentivized for reducing the CO2 emissions. So, every action you make in a day-to-day basis can and will be recorded on the VeChainThor Blockchain. If you buy an ecological bag instead of a normal plastic one, you will win Carbon Credits – that can be used to get discounts on the VeChain partners. Therefore, this will allow anyone to have an impact over the environment of the earth and be rewarded for that.

If you’re driving an eco-friendly vehicle – the milleage will be converted into Carbon Credits as well and it will show you how your contribution is helping making the world a better place. Its a nice concept, perfectly for people that wants to save the environment while also be rewarded for it! This will be possible due to the VeChainThor blockchain, which will create a smart contract giving people rewards for their small contribution. VeChain plans to bring this to companies as well as corporations to create a low-carbon ecosystem. The idea sounds great and there are many people that will probably be interested in this.

Tron’s Decentralized Exchange is Live on TronScan

In late september, Marcus Zhao informed the TRX community the future plans for Tron’s blockchain. Among these plans, there was also the activation of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) as well as the activation of a decentralized exchange. Now, the Tron community can be happy as Tron have its first decentralized exchange live on TronScan.

The exchange went live with 3 tokens listed there: dice/TRX , WIN/TRX and SEED/TRX. But now, there are a few more such as TronWatchMarket/TRX, CryptoGuyInZa/TRX and CryptoChain/TR

To start trading there, you need to link your TRX wallet there or create a new one and fund it. The process is fairly simple, especially for someone used with decentralized exchanges.

If you however want your cryptocurrency listed there, all you need to do is to complete the Tron DEX form. Tron also have another exchange launching soon. Tron Watch Market is another decentralized exchange that aims to be the fastest DEX in the crypto-space. There’s already a demo version of Tron Watch Market DEX, you can check that here. Once its done, the Tron Watch Market will allow users to trade between TRON, TRX10 and TRX20 tokens – with more to come upon the launch.

The Story of Jeff Garzik, one of Bitcoin’s earliest pioneers 

If you’re passionate about Bitcoin and you were there from the start, you probably know who Jeff Garzik is. If not,don’t worry, we’ll talk more about him now.

Jeff Garzik was the “third-biggest contributor” to Bitcoin’s code and one of the people that made Bitcoin what is is now. He was one of the Satoshi’s collaborators and someone that helped him put the pillars to what Bitcoin is today. He’s the CEO of Bloq and works with giants industry companies. Discover, Barclays, Citigroup and Fidelity are just a part of their partners. Giving his opinion on Bitcoin’s 10th birthday, he claimed that:

“It hasn’t evolved in the direction of high-volume payments, which is something we thought about in the very early days: getting merchants to accept Bitcoins. But on the store-of-value side it’s unquestionably a success.”

He also shares his opinion about who Satoshi Nakamoto is, hiting to Dave Kleiman.

“My personal theory is that it’s [Satoshi Nakamoto] Floridian Dave Kleiman. It matches his coding style, this gentleman was self taught. And the Bitcoin coder was someone who was very, very smart, but not a classically trained software engineer.”

According to Bloomberg, Garzik given away over 15,678 BTC – worth more than $300,000,000 at Bitcoin’s top value of December and over $100,000,000 today. Right now, he decided not to disclose its current holding in Bitcoin. Besides creating Bloq – he is also on the board in the payment processor company Bitpay, mining company Bitfury and the Linux Foundation. Moreover, he’s starting his own cryptocurrency – Metronome – a cryptocurrency focused on “making greater decentralization possible and delivering institutional-class endurance.”.

Other Important News

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