Daily Cryptocurrency News – 14th December 2018

Another Red Day For The Market, Bitcoin Gets a New Low for 2018

Holidays are coming and crypto enthusiasts are hoping for the next bull run. As the days pass, it looks like we surely won’t see one, at least this year. Bitcoin is trading at $3,223.12 on Binance at the moment of writing the article, a 5.71% decrease since yesterday’s $3,450. Ripple is not doing too good either. The second cryptocurrency lost half of its last week’s average volume. The price of XRP is not sitting at $0.287 – a 10% loss since December 9th. The good part about XRP is that the BTC value is growing. Yesterday, XRP passed the 9,000 satoshi value again and it seems its building some resistance around it.

Ethereum on the other hand is not doing well at all. After almost reaching $100 on December 9th, ETH is not trading below $85 – a decrease of more than 10% since last week. But the biggest losers of top 10 today are none others than Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV), proving that the hash war battle hurt BCH and its community. Even though Circle re-enabled BCH trading, the BCH continues its decrease. Sitting at $81.90 with a 15.98% loss since yesterday, BCH was overcomed by EOS and now Litecoin’s preparing to take back its spot too.  Bitcoin SV isn’t doing better neither, with a 11.84% loss for today – the CW’s vision fails to rebound and could soon leave the top 10.

But Waves doesn’t seem to care and keep moving higher. After the recent launch of Smart Assets and Smart Account Trading, the currently #22 cryptocurrency increased from $1.47 to $2.34. As most of the traders are scarred of this bear market, there are also some people that don’t care. And those are probably doge hodlers – mostly because 1 doge will be 1 doge no matter how the market will go. Syscoin (SYS) had a great run today too, increasing with 45.70% for today and working its way up to the top 100. The volume skyrocketed from under $70,000 to over $6,000,000 in less than 24 hours.

Binance Adds USDC To Its Stablecoin Market

On November 16th, Binance took the decision to start adding more stable coins besides Tether (USDT). Since then, Paxos Standard Token (PAX) and TrueUSD (TUSD) have been added to the exchange. They claimed that this was necessary to support more trading pairs with different stable coins as a base. Binance now uses the USDⓈ to symbol the fulll Binance stable coin market.

The most recent addition the their stable coins collection is none other than the famous USDC – Circle’s stable cryptocurrency. There would be 6 pairs with USDC as a base cryptocurrency:


This would be available for the users starting 15th December, 03:00 AM UTC. The existing USDC pairs with BNB and BTC will be removed and delisted by 16th December 03:00 AM UTC. Alll orders on this markets will be canceled. USDC is a an ERC-20 token created by CENTRE Consortium, a venture founded by Circle and Coinbase.

Charles Hoskinson Announces Cardano 1.4 Release Date 

Charles Hoskinson and his IOHK team is working hard to build Cardano – a project with a massive potential that already got a love of love and attention from the cryptocurrency community. Charles recently announced that the Cardano 1.4 version will be live on December 18th:

So, what will be new in this 1.4 update? Firstly, Linux users would be able to access the Daedalus Wallet. Rust programming language will also be available to Cardano Cryptocurrency Universe (CCU). The relatively new and lightweight programming code could easily be the key of Cardano’s growth. Another update would be on the increment of network block processing efficiency within the blockchain. We could be seeing a reduction from 1.5 million to about 200 – this can seriously save space for the blockchain network.

Two testnets will also come with the 1.4. First, there’s Shelley testnet  – on of the Cardano’s earliest steps towards full network decentralization. Then, there’s the Cardano testnet. More details about Cardano’s future can be found on Cardano’s Roadmap or by getting in touch with the latest announcements via Cardano’s telegram. With the market being red day-by-day, only strong project could survive and it appears that Charles Hoskinson’s Cardano is ignoring the noise and building.

Other Important News

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