Daily Cryptocurrency News – 21st September 2018

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  1. Bitcoin gains 4.5% today – after two weeks of a bear market, we’re finally seeing a slow increase in price. This is surprisingly, as the price increase comes after the SEC decision to ask further questions on the VanEck Bitcoin ETF and postpone their decision – more details on CoinTelegraph’s article. This could means that the Bitcoin ETF would have a chance to be accepted right now, as it wasn’t declined from the start as the other ETF’s proposed this year. Details about the SEC postpone can be found here.
  2. Ripple continues its recovery with an amazing 68% weekly gains – Ripple’s amazing growth continues even today. According to CryptoCompare, Ripple is now the second cryptocurrency by market cap – outperforming Ethereum (ETH). However, CoinMarketCap  doesn’t share CryptoCompare’s opinion – placing Ripple on the 3rd place. The growth might be caused by the future launch of xRapid solution. An executive declared that xRapid solution should be launched the next month or after, according to Cointelegraph.
  3. Dash Transactions Skyrocket  – Dash passed the 15,000 transactions mark yesterday, a new maximum for September and 3 times more than the average per day. This also lead in a 7.79% increase in price, at the time of writing. A lot of people believe that the reason behind it is the launch of DashText – A service enabling transactions without internet.More details about it can be found in the DashForceNews article.
  4. Bitnovo card added Litecoin, Closer POS accepts Litecoin – Litecoin is now a part of the Bitnovo‘s accepted cryptocurrencies. Clover POS announced that they implemented Litecoin in their payment system, giving the opportunity of accepting Litecoin to over 1 million merchants worldwide. LTC is up 6.68% today as a result of  increasing their adoption.
  5. Ethereum gains new clients – Ethereum, the second most-known cryptocurrency, increased with 7.63% today as ING, Citigroup, Shell and twelve other companies joined forces with ConsenSys to create a blockchain platform to transform commodities trade finance. The new company’s name is Komgo SA and their first press release can be found here.
  6. NEO launched Vulnerability Bounty Program – An interesting initiative from NEO, they have recently launched the Vulnerability Bounty Program, offering  bounties up to $10,000 to users finding vulnerabilities in their system. Moreover, City of Zeon have a new council member – Chris Hager, replacing Fabio Canesin.
  7. Trinity Desktop 0.3.4 released – IOTA’s Wallet – Trinity – had a new version launched with a lot of bugs fixed and updates. After even less than a day from the update, the 0.3.5 hotfix was launched. IOTA was also mentioned by Weiss Ratings a few days ago, mentioning IOTA’s potential for a 10x increase in the future if the crypto market will reach its past glory again.
  8. Stellar Lumens increase in value by over 17.74% – Stellar Lumens recently announced that a new company called Interstellar will help organizations build over the Stellar Network. Also, they’ve mentioned a possible price of $1.00 soon, as the Coinbase listing could come soon.
  9. Vechain (VET) got listed on Bithumb – Bithumb – the leading South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange swapped VEN tokens to VET at a 1:100 ratio. VET also have a 6% increase in price today while they’re making progress on the NFC chips placed into their merchandise.

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