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Daily Cryptocurrency News – 23rd September 2018

Sunday was not a day full of events as we’re used to, but still there were some things that happen and we think its important to know them. Also, if you’ve missed yesterday’s news you can read them here: Daily Cryptocurrency News – 22nd September 2018.

Binance creates the Blockchain Charity Foundation

Binance is well known for their amazing exchange, which is used by more than 9 million people starting June 2018. But they don’t stop there. Recently, Forbes reported that Binance created the first blockchain charity based foundation. The charity is connected with UN,WEF,WPL and many other charities and will offer anyone the ability to donate to a social cause using cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this type of charity will ensure donation transparency so that all the donations will reach their end-beneficiaries – eliminating fraud. The charity is run up by Helen Hai, the founder of ‘Made In Africa’ initiative and the Goodwill Ambassador for Industrialization in Africa.

Tutanota plans to add Monero as a payment option

Tutanota, the well known privacy focused email service, recently announced that they plan to add Monero as a payment option. Right now, Tutanota accepts Monero donations only, as they mentioned in a previous blog post. The Monero donations wallet was created in order to gain experience on how to use it. The team declared that in a short time, users will be able to pay for Tutanota anonymously – a crucial step for them towards privacy.

Ripple trends in South Korea touched new all-time high

The trends in the Naver search engine for Ripple had a huge spike on September 21st, followed by a decline on 22nd. The trends reached the top on September 21st, beating even the ones from December 2017. Some XRP enthusiasts believe that this will bring a lot of investors from South Korea to get into Ripple tomorrow – as they have Chuseok Holiday and also Bithumb would be accepting FIAT starting tomorrow.

Stellar Lumens grow over 15% today

Stellar Lumens had a nice growth today. XLM gained the 5th place in the cryptocurrency field for a few hours with a 26% increase since yesterday, making EOS fall on the 6th place for a while. The price dropped a few percents since then and its currency sitting at a 17% increase on the 6th spot. A reason why this might happen was the news regarding Stellar SMS Gateway. Although the project is not live yet, it will have a low balance available ( ~$100 ) and the users won’t control their private keys – the team is working to improve its service. The idea was appreciated the community – seeing a massive potential for it in places that still use 2G connections.

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