Daily Cryptocurrency News – 24th September 2018

Today on Monday there is a lot of news going on for many cryptocurrencies. Like every day, we are here to provide you with the most important daily news. If you missed any of them yesterday, you could check them out here: Daily Cryptocurrency News – 23rd September 2018

Ethereum: Games Proposed As The Key for Onboarding Millions of New Users in the Immediate Future

Loom Network is proposing games as the new opportunity for Ethereum to attract new users. Why is this happening? It comes to Dapps. Dapps are being a trend right now. Dapps are digital applications or programs that run on a blockchain and typically have tokens to reward users. Now, according to Loom Network, Dapps are a big opportunity because they can introduce games on blockchain. Gamers could be very attracted to those features, and it would let to more people start using Ethereum.

EOS is Being Ranked As #2 by Coin Codex

EOS, developed by Dan Larimer with the aim to operate as an alternative to the Ethereum network is being ranked today as number two by Coin Codex. It mostly comes to the new launch of EOSfinex. EOSfinex wants to facilitate a highly-scalable network of peer-to-peer value exchange; it will also lead to an increase in the utility of the EOS token. EOSfinex is scheduled to launch a beta version on September 26. All these new features to be implemented could attract more investors. EOS is sitting at a $5.80 price right now, with a 2.47% decline since yesterday. However, we might see a small increase in the future days due to the EOSfinex launch.

U.S Congressman to Lead Pro-Blockchain and Crypto Legislation

Tom Emmer, announced on September 21, 2018, that he would be introducing three “groundbreaking bills” to allow a clear way for the emerging and disruptive technologies. Emmer is introducing three bills to encourage a supporting ecosystem for the development of DLT in the country.

This is what he said:

“The United States should prioritize accelerating the development of blockchain technology and create an environment that enables the American private sector to lead on innovation and further growth, which is why I am introducing these bills. Legislators should be embracing emerging technologies and providing a clear regulatory system that allows them to flourish in the United States.”

More details can be found in the BTCManager article.

A Silicon Valley Cryptocurrency Firm Lands in Portland

Coinbase aims to be the bank of the future. Even though crypto’s main purpose was to get rid of the banks,a bank focused on crypto doesn’t sound that bad for the most paranoid of us.

Coinbase, a company launched in 2012 is aiming to create an accessible, mainstream-able trading platform for crypto in all of its most important varieties. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. It generated about $1 billion in revenue last year, and now has an office located in Portland, Oregon. In fact, it already has been ranked 3# startup in LinkedIn.

Waves Now Has 1 Million Wallet Users

The Waves Project recently announced that it had reached 1 million wallet users.

The wallet count was under 250.000 in September 2017. With this number being quadrupled in just one year.

Waves growth over the course of a year. Source: InvestInBlockchain

At the writing of this article. Waves (WAVES) token is priced at $2.26, a $0.18 drop the last 24 hours top price, but it is expected to keep growing over the long term.

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Image Source: Wealth Management.com

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