Daily Cryptocurrency News – 25th September 2018

We are here to provide you as always with the most important news. There are a lot of interesting events going on lately and the Zerocrypted team always wants to keep you updated.

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XRP Search Volume Spikes

Ripple (XRP) started to bring more interest from people lately. Despite the fall-off in pricing today by about a -13% percent, XRP has been generating a significant amount of interest over the past two weeks. In fact, according to Cryptonic.Tech, the search volume has spiked over the last week, with the number of searches being double the amount at this moment.

Price predictions by the end of 2018 expect XRP to be at least between $5 to 7$ which looks promising. XRP seems like a good short and long-term investment, short because is showing a fast upward increase and long because is attracting more interest over time that could lead to an increase in value on in the long term. However, we think its better to do your own research instead of believing us, or other websites.

Scatter 9.0 is released!

Great news for EOS and Ethereum users: NSJames just announced and released the latest version of Scatter! Welcome to Scatter 9

Scatter provides Single Sign-On (SSO) using asymmetric encryption to log you into applications without the use of passwords. Allowing you to go to the next level of security and control.

Stellar Just Passed 1.5 Million Accounts

Stellar Network is showing an astronomical increase over time, as it just passed 1.5 million accounts, a huge increase from the 72,000 accounts in Stellar Network last year -about 21 times more!

Price predictions for Stellar also look promising. A full list with Stellar Lumens (XLM) price predictions can be found here.

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee speaks about current and future states of LTC

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee talked yesterday about Litecoin.

As a summary, Lee mentioned that he is expecting Litecoin to keep growing and they are working towards a currency that can offer the freedom to be used for any purpose, privacy, and security. Here are some additional interesting points from Lee during the summit:

-About $291 million dollars have already been sent with Litecoin.

-The average fee is $0.05

And when it comes to mining:

-There are about 500.000 active Litecoin miners at this moment.

-It has a network hash rate of 257 TH/s

-The total electricity usage is about -417MW – that’s about the amount of electricity used by a large city, according to Lee, all that energy is what is protecting the network, keeping Litecoin secure.

Lee’s 5 Metrics of Success for Litecoin are

  1. Network Security
  2. Market capitalization
  3. Exchange liquidity
  4. Merchant support
  5. Currency usage

Neon Exchange Security Token ‘NEX’ Approved for Launch

According to The Tokenist.io, the Neon Exchange Security Token “NEX” has been successfully approved as a security by regulators of the Financial Market Authority (FMA)

Neon exchange finally has the green light to raise funds from public investors, and there are many other advantages that come with the release of NEX. These including benefits such as “protection against market manipulation, fraud, and insider trading.”

The short-term aim of Neon Exchange is the acquisition of a Security Dealers License, allowing them to improve other securities to public investors.

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Image Source: Wealth Management.com

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