Daily Cryptocurrency News – 26th September

Here is the top news of today:

Stellar Just Released Stellar X

Stellar has released its new Stellar X a user-friendly peer to peer marketplace.

Stellar X could release in a few weeks, and that time, it will include features like trades with absolutely no fees, trades that don’t involve miners, just trading from your wallet with full control of the keys.

For more info about Stellar X, you can visit this link: https://www.stellarx.com/

New listing policy on Coinbase will allow cryptocurrency listing with a zero fee

You can now apply to add new digital assets in Coinbase with absolutely no fees. Their new listing process will allow new digital assets to be added over time rapidly. Here is what they said:

“Today we’re announcing a new listing process that will allow us to rapidly add most digital assets that meet our standards and are compliant with local law, while providing our customers with the tools to discover, evaluate, trade, and use digital assets”: https://t.co/6AteNMOnYr

— Coinbase (@coinbase) September 25, 2018

More details about this can be found here.

You can find their digital asset framework here: https://listing.coinbase.com/policy

ConsenSys Has Begun Using Ethereum to Supply Electricity to its clients in Texas

Grid+ a revolutionary blockchain startup operated by ConsenSys has begun using Ethereum to supply electricity for Texas. Yes, with the use of a unique hardware gateway system and blockchain solution. It has been possible to produce quality renewable electricity in the form of solar and wind energy.

Bitfinex launches EOSfinex in its beta version

Bitfinex just launched yesterday EOSfinex beta in a London conference, the digital assets trading platform.

According to the website, one of the features are:

  • High performance with EOSIO and Bitfinex technology
  • Full decentralization, all the settlements happen entirely on EOS blockchain
  • Security with its decentralized nature

You can check for more information here: http://www.eosfinex.com

Gifto, the world’s largest blockchain-based dApp ecosystem is partnering with NEM

According to Koinalert, Gifto with NEM,a leading blockchain application platform. The partnership was announced yesterday yesterday trough Twitter:

This partnership can be extremely beneficial for Gifto as NEM blockchain may increase scalability and decrease costs.

Bitcoin is expecting a substantial increase in price by the end of the year

Bitcoin is in good luck after Google decided to open the world for cryptocurrency exchanges from US and Japan.

The adoption is slowly increasing and might come from small things. For example, Bitcoin is now present in the Scrabble dictionary, and it was the answer to a question on “Who Wants to be Millionaire” in Australia. As more and more people would read about it and other cryptocurrencies, we believe that the crypto market will evoluate to become a trillion market industry until 202.

Bitcoin, presently, has a market cap of only $112.79 billions our of the total $216.21 Billion cryptocurrency market.

More info about Bitcoin price predictions can be found here: https://investingpr.com/bitcoin-price-predictions-for-2018/ as well as on CoinCodex

Bitcoin cash price skyrockets 19%

Bitcoin cash price has increased by an amazing 19%.The reason is unknown yet but it might be related to the future Bitmain IPO.  

 Image source: Coinmarketcap

German Fintech Startup will let you hold Bitcoin in your bank account

Bitwala, a German blockchain banking service will finally allow you to store Bitcoin in your bank account. That means that you will be able to have both real money and Bitcoin in your bank account. Other benefits include being able to receive your salary or even pay your rent with Bitcoin. This feature is going to release around November this year.

“Bitwala will be introducing crypto-first current accounts, the perfect solution for those seeking secure and crypto-friendly banking services,” According to their website.

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Image source: Wealth Management.com

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