Daily Cryptocurrency News – 28th October 2018

Welcome to our Daily News article. Here are the most important cryptocurrency news of October 28, 2018.

Dr. Jackson He, Former Intel Executive, Will Join Blockchain Company Skynet

Skynet has announced a new important member of their team, Dr. Jackson He, CEO of YingZi Technology and former Intel executive.

Jackson is well known for his role at Intel which lasted 23 years at an executive level. He then founded Ying Zi Technology Ltd, an IoT, and blockchain company that focuses on providing agriculture supply chains.

During the time he worked for Intel, Dr. He worked for 23 years and served many executive level positions, including 6 years as the General Manager of Intel Asia and Pacific R&D Ltd, General Manager of Intel China Software and Services Group (SSG), and many other senior leadership positions at Intel IT, Intel Labs, Intel Datacenter Group, and Intel AI Product Group.

Dr. He is well known as an expert in large-scale enterprise and cloud solutions. He has an extensive experience working with Telco, healthcare, and internet service providers in both the US and China. Moreover, he has also served as Intel’s representative at several standards groups (OASIS, WS-I, DMTF, etc.). He is also deeply involved in healthcare and railway verticals.

The company Dr. He is now part of, Skynet, is a blockchain and IoT company that recognizes itself as a platform with an integrated blockchain and optimized chip solution. From this perspective, the company’s goal is to connect billions of IoT devices over the next several years. They believe this will instantly provide infrastructure and adoption of both cryptocurrencies and the Skynet ecosystem.

For more information about Skynet, you can visit their website here.


Excel Users Will Be Able do Bitcoin Transfers via Lightning Network Thanks to New Add-on

Source: Hacker Noon

Software engineer at Bitcoin Advisory, Pierre Rochard, presented on October 24 new advances on a Microsoft Excel add-on. The add-on lets users send and receive payments through the Lightning Network.

Pierre Rochard explained that the LND node software runs within the Excel add-on.

Users will be able to make and receive with just a few clicks. In addition, he says that this will be possible through Neutrino, Lightning Network’s light client technology that enables those who do not run a full node to make payments through it.

Rochard justified the development of his application in the statement that 99.99% of people working in the world of finance and accounting have Microsoft Excel on their computer. With this in mind, Rochard pointed out that the plug-in will be available for Excel users who want to experiment with Lightning Network’s payment channels.

At the moment there is no proof of concept of the plugin available. However, Rochard said that by the end of the month the plugin will release and be available to the public. Rochard also clarified that the source code of the plugin will be freely accessible.

As Rochard says, most people working in the world of finance and accounting use Microsoft Excel. Therefore, there’s no doubt this add-on would become very popular over the time.

The Founder of the Web Talks About Centralization; He Thinks It Has Gone Too Far

The founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee has just spoken about centralization on the internet.

In a Medium post, the computer scientist said that the web has evolved into an engine of inequity and division; swayed by powerful forces who use it for their own agendas.

It makes us think about what centralization came to at this point.

Sir Tim Berners Lee founded the web with the principles that it always should be a platform for everyone, a place of freedom and democracy. It was built with no patent, and no royalties were ever due.

Furthermore, the web is increasingly becoming dominated by third-party giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Therefore, centralization is growing at a faster speed than ever before.

Of course, centralization is not bad, but some experts theorize that too much of it could be. That’s where we start thinking, what’s the solution and how can we bring more decentralization?

The best answer will be the blockchain industry. It’s a new growing sector, built around decentralization. Blockchain comes with the idea of networks with no central point, promoting anonymity and democracy.

One of the ways people can meet decentralized technology is through DApps as they provide a sense of how the network works, with interaction at the same time.

For now, we will see in the future in which way the internet grows. However, there is no doubt that blockchain technology has an incredible potential towards the future.


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