Daily Cryptocurrency News – 29th September 2018

As usual, the weekends are not the times when a lot of important decisions are announced in the crypto world. But that doesn’t mean we will stop searching for the most important ones and deliver them to you. If you’ve missed our yesterday’s article, check is here: Daily Cryptocurrency News – 28th September 2018.

Binance CEO taks about the future Decentralized Crypto Exchange 

Binancce CEO Changpeng Zhao recently had an interview with the CNBC Crypto Trader’s Ran NeuNer. According to CZ, the team is working non-stop – even in the weekends to create an ecosystem of services that would help the cryptocurrency industry. After their quickly rise to fame, Binance has started working on more services – expanding their user base and finding interesting ways to appeal to their customers.

Now, the company’s team is working hard to make the DEX platform available for a beta testing at the end of this year or early next year.

Tron Project Atlas and TVM activation

After purchasing the famous BitTorrent platform – Tron plans to integrate it into the Tron ecosystem. Yesterday, the team announced that BitTorrent is now available in China. The team also announced that the Tron Virtual Machine activation on the mainnet will be launched on October 8th, or around that date:

It’s expected that the TVM will be officially activated after the voting on October 8. By then, the 3 main features: the committee, the TVM and decentralized exchanges will be activated.

More details about this as well as details about Tron can be found here

Bruce Fenton’s high expectation – a 14,000% growth of crypto and blockchain space

Bruce Fenton – one of the founding members of The Bitcoin Foundation and Managing Director of Atlantic Financial declared that he expects to see a $20-$40 trillion flowing into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in the upcoming year. That’s a 14,000% growth and he also declared that :

“The growth of the blockchain industry will look much like the growth of tech stocks with the rise of the internet. There will be booms and busts as the industry develops, but the technology is real.It will change the world.”

IOTA’s bIOTAsphere – The future innovation base 

IOTA foundation announced on 27th September 2018 the launch of bIOTAsphere. The bIOTAsphere CEO – Terry Shane – presented its application in an event that took place in Arup, Toronto, Canada. This new environment have the purpose of demonstrating the potential of the Tangle technology – a Proof Of Concept technology that can change the society and serve as a pillar for the future in technology.

Ripple’s Price Prediction for the end of 2018 

Nivel Green, the CEO of deVere Group, mentioned that in his opinion – the XRP will reach the $1.00 price by the end of 2018. According to him, the unique features that XRP have – such as its technology and problem-solving capabilities  – make it perfect to be used by institutions as well as by daily users. He claims that after a year, the adoption and usage of XRP will be double than it is now. More details can be found here

Image source: Wealth Management.com

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