Daily Cryptocurrency News – 4th November 2018

Here are the latest most important cryptocurrency news of November 4, 2018:

CoinField Exchange with XRP as Base Currency is Now Live in 61 Countries

After exploring XRP as a base currency, Canadian exchange CoinField made an announcement. The exchange has finally launched its platform with 20 XRP-based crypto pairs in 61 countries worldwide.

A total of 28 trading pairs will be available across six fiat currencies viz. US dollar (USD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP), and UAE dirham (AED). The company already plans to further add more coins before the end of 2018.

Furthermore, the company added details about their referral program that rewards 10 XRP. When users bring new traders to the platform, they will receive 10 XRP and a 25% commision of every trading commision from the newcomer.

 “CoinField is also happy to announce its new referral program to reward loyal users. When those users bring in new traders to the platform, they will get 10 XRP deposited into their accounts. They will also receive a 25% commission going forward off every trading commission the newcomer transacts.”

TRON Gambling dApp Has Paid out Nearly $5 Million in TRX, Justin Sun Points Out 

Image Source: Hacker Noon

Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Foundation has recently pointed out that TronDice, a decentralized application, just paid out over 200 million TRX tokens, which was at the press time worth over $4 million.

TRONGAME works by allowing players to choose different betting ranges, and the corresponding win rate, loss rate, and prize will change accordingly. From there, players can select their TRX betting amount from their TronLink Wallets, and ‘Roll the Dice’ for the game’s smart contract to generate a random number from 1 to 6.

If the generated number falls in a player’s betting range, the player will win and the payout will go directly to the TronLink wallet.

TRX is trading at $0.0230 at the writing of this article, with a market cap of 15 billion. It is currently at the 11th place in Coinmarketcap

Ethereum News

JP Morgan Stated: “We Are Big Believers in Ethereum”

Despite the recent statements from CEO Jamie Dimon in which he claimed that he didn’t “give a sh*t about Bitcoin.” JP Morgan just gave a significant endorsement to Ethereum ETH as a result of its capabilities to provide practical applications in the world of finance.

The financial giant has been making great steps with Quorum, the firm’s enterprise version of the Ethereum blockchain. As reported by The Australian Financial Review, Quorum will be used to essentially tokenize gold bars on the Ethereum network.

Meanwhile, JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon continues with his opinion about Bitcoin. According to The Next Web, Dimon was recently asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin. He further added that he keeps his opinion despite regretting the statement he made.

The Ethereum Foundation is funding efforts to create specializing mining hardware in partnership with blockchain data storage network Filecoin

The Ethereum Foundation is funding efforts to create specializing mining hardware in collaboration with blockchain data storage network Filecoin.

This announcement came from DevCon on Thursday, at the Annual Gathering Of Developers meet in Prague. Foundation researcher Justin Drake unveiled preliminary designs for application-specific integrated circuits, or ASICs, that will support an upcoming Ethereum technology called the “beacon chain.”

Essentially, “Beacon Chain” is a RNG & expected to form part of the major iteration of the ETH network, Ethereum 2.0 under the POS(proof-of-stake) consensus protocol which will be in comparison with POW (proof-of-work).

Justin Drake is very excited for this project, and it has opened up the door for the other Blockchain & Cryptocurrency related projects in the contribution of the funds.

Mining will become easier and more efficient thanks to this project.

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Image source: Thehindu

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