Daily Cryptocurrency News – 21st November 2018

Here are the most important headlines of 21st November 2018

Cardano Team Preparing For the v1.4 Update Launch 

If you’re a Cardano enthusiast, you probably saw the latest Charles Hoskinson surprise AMA on Youtube. The Ask Me Anything video took an hour and a half in which Charles answered more than 35 questions – from the technical questions about Cardano to questions about Hoskinson’s opinion. Regarding the future Cardano 1.4 update, Hoskinson declared:

The update 1.4 for Cardano is coming along well and we’re in regression testing right now. We’ve had a few regressions but nothing significant is found yet and it’s a lot of new code. There has been a huge amount of refactoring on the core, and we’ve found new database solutions, so we’ve gone from lots of storage to little storage and become much more efficient.

The update won’t be taking much longer, I’d say a few more weeks, and hopefully we should have the update 1.4 release by end of November or early December. And it’s the most significant update we’ve ever made to the Cardano ecosystem.

He also took time to explain the biggest development made by the Cardano team so far – the back-end of the Daedaus Wallet; He further explained that the code is the first piece of formally-verified code for them – as it will be able tto connect to their “Rust” code and the “Haskel” code. These are great news, as the new Icarus address style will allow Cardano (ADA) to be supported by Ledger Wallet. This is also the latest update before the first major Cardano update:

After the 1.4 update, every update is going to be Shelley related, so the first major update will be basically some new code for Ouroboros BFT and that’ll get us all aligned up so that we can start moving towards some variant of Ouroboros.

ARK Increase In Value By Over 20% Prior To Mainnet Launch 

ARK team recently announced the launch of ARK Core v2. ARK Core v2 will be a system developed from scratch, with the main purpose of providing accessibility and scalability for their clients. The price of ARK increased from a $0.34 cents on November 20th to a top of $0.48. The value of ARK decreased a bit since its 7 days top and is now trading at $0.44. But the more important question is – What will the new core bring to the table?

  • Dynamic fees – Delegates will be able to set the dynamic fees for different transaction types.
  • Plugin system – Developers would be able to create customized modules, plugins,etc. Their team likes to think that the new version could be the ”Wordpress of blockchains”
  • Increased TPS and TPB – The TPB (Transaction Per Block) was increased from 50 to 150 and the TPS (Transactions per Second) are increased from 6.25 to 18.75. The TPS doesn’t have a limit and can be increased in the future.
  • New API – A more powerful API with more endpoints, more stable and follows the latest API standards.
  • Webhook support – The Webhook support will offer developers to deliver the data immediately, not as a typical API.
  • Better Transaction Pool Management – The transactions will be kept in a pool before the blockchain inclusion to reduce the memory power used.
  • Speedier rebuilds & synchronizations – Starting your own node will now take approx. 12 hours instead of 50 as before.
  • Better decentralization through new snapshot system – node operators can now own copies of the database & this option will also allow faster and safer optimization as well as a better decentralization of the system.

The launch is set to take place on November 28th 2018 and on that date the node operators will need to switch from the ARKNode code to ARKCore one. Additionally, a new desktop wallet was built for ARK v2. More details about this can be found here.

Enjin Launches Enjin Beam – The Fastest Way To Receive Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Items 

Enjin – one of the only cryptocurrencies with a working product – is now launching a new feature of their system – Enjin Beam. This new feature will stand as the first QR airdrop system that people can use to:

  • Scan a QR and receive an airdrop of a cryptocurrency or multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Scan a QR to receive a lootdrop with random items
  • Use it to send ERC-20 Cryptocurrencies
  • Send ERC-1155 items made via Enjin Mintshop 

The advantage of the Enjin Beam are that you can place them anywhere – such as: Online locations ( websites, email, social media), Video (youtube, twitch), traditional advertising, software products and many more. To create a Beam, you will need to follow the steps explained in the Enjin Beam Article. Also, in the same article is a massive giveaway with more than 3,674 items to grab backed by 146,350 ENJ coins ( $4,000+ value). Feel free to check it out


Craig Wright Still Positive About Bitcoin Cash SV 

Even though the BCH ABC seems to have won the war, Craig Wright is still positive about it. The Chief Scientist at nChain claims that Bitcoin Cash SV – or Bitcoin, as he calls it – is ready for accepting businesses to work with it. The Bitcoin Cash SV removed the block size limits, re-activated four operation codes and ensure the platform is ready for smart contracts. He stated that the war was not meant to create anarchy – as the media reported:

“It is not a method to create anonymous systems to help promote and create anarchy. Rather, we have been developing technologies to increase business efficiency, to open markets, and to allow trade.”

Instead, he claims that the plan is to offer businesses efficiency and value :

“We plan to open development of systems that will have billions of people using Bitcoin in the coming years, without even knowing that they are using Bitcoin. Basically, we seek to create a system that proves the ends which reflect how any good system should be — not one based on ideology and religious drive, but simple efficiency and value.”

He also claims that Bitcoin Cash SV ‘has documented over 100 different inventions with real-world value’:

“We have already documented several 100s of inventions that have real-world value today. These are concepts and seeds of businesses that we will provide to developers seeking to extend the Bitcoin protocol on SV — not as a means to take down the state or anything along those lines, but simple and boring uses such as technological data plumbing.”

Even though he expose his plan for the greater good, the community doesn’t seem to like it. Professor Emin Gun Sirer presented his opinion via a series of tweets:

And even the exchanges seems to see the risk that Bitcoin Cash SV is presenting. Kraken declared that Bitcoin SV doesn’t meet their usual listing requirements and that they cannot guarantee the perfect custody of BSV. And a lot of other exchanges expressed their concerns about this. A major delisting of Bitcoin SV from the most respectable cryptocurrency exchanges could be the next step. So, if you’re thinking to buy into Craig Wright’s idea – we think it would be wiser to keep the money in your pocket.

In the meantime, Bitcoin is preparing to see the effects of its first ETF launched. According to AmunGA, today was the first day of trading and it was only OTC trading. Tomorrow will start the on-exchange trading. Its also important to notice that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency among the $HODL ETF. There’s also Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.


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