EtherMium Decentralized Exchange Review

Multi-functionality is one of the most favorite qualities of any product. Especially if the functionality of the project meets user requirements. All functions obliged to be performed efficiently, reliably and without fail. Meantime decentralized exchanges grow in popularity but go off the quality. Decentralized exchange (DEX) – is an exchange that uses the blockchain technology; the service doesn’t store funds or personal information of its users. The service is basically a platform for searching correspondence between purchase and sales bid. The transaction is made directly between service users (peer-to-peer) eliminating financial middlemen.

We have heard a lot about cryptomarket-famous players like the EtherDelta and the IDEX. These DEXs does not have a wide field for trade and have limited functionality. The general rule is the absence of growth, new features or ambitious projects.

What is EtherMium?

The EtherMium is a new DEX, that has the potential to be a revolutionary cryptomarket instrument for traders. EtherMium has all main features of a decentralized exchange and announces implementation a whole complex of centralized exchange opportunities and possibilities.

The service cares about client security: there is no user identification needed. For safety considerations, EtherMium never keeps its users funds. All transactions are made with the help of smart contract technology. Thus all users hold and manage their funds by themselves. The user is allowed to trade straight after registration.

As for the cryptocurrency variety, EtherMium will offer not only a standard and wide range of Ethereum ERC20 tokens but non-Ethereum cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple etc. It’s important to have the possibility to trade the most common and popular cryptocurrencies. Often the trader has a limited variety of cryptocurrency. And it makes a great inconvenience to use several cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the most interesting possibilities will be a trade of raw commodities, company stocks and indices. It also gives the trader the desirable variety. Also, the opportunity of leverage trading is worth mentioning as a separate point. And again all the possibilities of the Ethermium mentioned above are absolutely safe and anonymous.

In addition, EtherMium has one more option to offer – a channel for investment by using famous and extremely popular ICO investment scheme. Creation of peculiar new crowdfunding platform at the DEX is an ambitious and a really interesting idea.

EtherMium: fast, simple and anonymous trading.

To start using EtherMium you need to register the wallet and keep Ethereum available – and you are ready to trade! Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the trading screen you can trade cryptocurrencies fast and easy. Owing to the smart team of project development you can work without deadlocks, unnecessary waste of time and constant support tickets. It’s nice to use the bugless service that works without fail.

The EtherMium offers a truly competitive trading commission in addition to no withdrawal or any deposit fees. The following trading model allows the seller to make a transaction without commission fee. And the buyer makes transactions with 0,2% commission fee.


EtherMium plans to offer an exceptional feature – leverage trading. There is no decentralized exchange at the contemporary market that can offer such an opportunity to its customer. Investors will have the possibility to bet on the prices of certain assets: cryptocurrency, raw commodities, shares, and bonds etc. EtherMium announces the leverage limit will be around 10x for starters. According to the continuous growth of the service and its possibilities the creators promise to minimize the limit. The ambitious aim of the project is to develop leverage trading with available assets such as Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, and Monero and of course oil, gold, and other tradeable assets.

EtherMium announced occurring in the near future mobile app for IOS and Android. It’s nice to notice, that the creators care about the client’s constant and comfortable service usage.

The EtherMium DEX will definitely change the world of cryptocurrency trade. The general trend of the project is to collect the best features both from centralized and decentralized exchanges and to combine them into a moonshot project. The service is worth noticing for client-centeredness and intentions for constant development. Absolute anonymity and safety for making transactions, easy terms for trading, aiming to be multiplatform, the possibilities of leverage and commodities trading, ICO investment etc., all of it will be a very powerful tool for a successful trader of today.

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