Five Places to Find The Latest Ripple (XRP) News

XRP is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network. Ripple is an open-source platform that powers fast and cheap cross border transactions. The main purpose of XRP is to act as a link for both cryptocurrencies and fiat. XRP is among cryptocurrencies with huge potential for mass adoption based on its unique capabilities. The asset is currently ranked third and has already partnered with leading financial institutions like Santander, Axis Bank and Yes Bank. According to Ripple, it has signed up more than 100 banks.

The value of the Ripple network is its ability to move assets around the globe quickly, rather than in the XRP token. Banks are the biggest beneficiaries of the Ripple network. The Ripple software is used to shift money between different foreign currencies. Currently, this is done using SWIFT, a system that is cumbersome and depends on the banks having separate accounts in every country they work in.

Incorporation of cryptocurrencies with institutions is viewed as a major step towards mass adoption of digital assets. With Ripple’s potential of attracting many investors, it is therefore important to keep up with the latest XRP news.

Why You Need To Know The Latest XRP News

As an XRP enthusiast, you need to be updated with everything around the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and XRP is not an exception. As a result, understanding the latest XRP price movements is key as it will guide you to make sound investment decisions. Additionally, you need to be updated with all happenings within the Ripple community and how they impact the value of XRP.

Where to Get Latest XRP News

The web has dozens of cryptocurrency news platforms ranging from websites to mobile applications. Therefore, it can be a challenge to settle on a reliable source. However, before settling on any news platform, there are some aspects to consider. The platform should be able to offer authenticated news since fake news can have negative repercussions. Secondly, ensure the platforms have measures to moderate and filter out fake news which can misdirect investors. We have therefore compiled five places where you can get the latest XRP news.

Crypto Panic

CryptoPanic is a news aggregator website indicating the impact on price and market for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With a lot of news around XRP, it can take time browsing different blogs and websites, however, Crypto Panic XRP news section filters all the relevant news around this asset for you. Apart from XRP news, Crypto Panic will also give you the latest price movement of the asset. This shows on the right border of the page. With CryptoPanic you can avoid the panic in the general crypto market about XRP.

Crypto Panic also allows you to participate in the rating of XRP news you read on the platform. You can log in and vote if the information in any news feed is positive, negative or important to the XRP markets. You can provide feedback about the impact of the news feed on the website. Feeds with positive votes from most users show as green while those that users deem to have a negative impact will show as red.


CoinMarketCap is a cryptocurrency tracking website. The platform has details on XRP alongside other cryptos that have already hit the market. The website shows the value of cryptos, the number of coins in circulation, the trading volume in 24 hours and the market cap. Apart from tracking assets, you can get XRP news on CoinMarketCap. Under each cryptocurrency, CoinMarket has a news feed that aggregates all the latest happenings around XRP and other cryptocurrencies in general. The social section will have links sourced from Reddit. It has the latest information regarding XRP price and the latest network development.


CryptoCompare is another cryptocurrency tracking website. The website offers you more than just cryptocurrency tracking and analysis. The platform is a social gateway to cryptocurrencies. Apart from tracking XRP, CryptoCompare also has information on analysis, markets, trades among other aspects about the asset. Under the XRP news section, you will find the latest happenings regarding the asset from credible sources. Under every XRP news article, CryptoCompare allows you to either provide an upvote or downvote if you find the information helpful.

On the other hand, CryptoCompare also has a forum where you can join other XRP enthusiasts and discuss the latest happening about the third-ranked asset. You can also create your own XRP portfolio where you can easily monitor everything about the asset. If you are after mass adoption of XRP, you can offer your feedback. The feedback strengthens the community towards making XRP acceptable by investors.


Apart from connecting people, social media platforms are turning out to be a source of key information. Twitter is among the popular social media platforms to give reliable and the latest XRP related news. Twitter gives a platform to connect with XRP opinion leaders and news websites. With Twitter, you can also track conversations around XRP. Additionally, Twitter allows you can subscribe to notifications and get news once they are tweeted.


Reddit is a top social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Users can submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members. Reddit can also be a good source of all Ripple news when you subscribe to the XRP or Ripple subreddit. The subreddit has over 200, 000 members who engage in mature conversation. You will get the latest information on recent exchanges to list XRP, price predictions, the latest development on the Ripple network, new partnerships alongside other news. Furthermore, you can engage with other community members by asking questions to experts who understand the Ripple network better.


The covered plates are ideal for your daily XRP news. Always ensure all the news you read is credible and informative. If you need to store XRP safety – check our best XRP wallets handpicked by our team.

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