Gods Unchained Review – How to Buy Gods Unchained Packs, Part II

This is a following article to the first part : Gods Unchained Review – The Hearthstone of Crypto, Part I.

In the previous one, we presented the basics of the game and what are the Gods powers. Now, we’re moving further to explain the card purchasing process. Firstly, Gods Unchained is a TCGs – a Tradeable Card Game – where you obtain cards via opening random packs. The packs are paid and the cheapest one costs $2.4 while the most expensive one is ~$200. The cards are all unique ERC-721 tokens – with 4 different rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary) and 4 different ‘shine’ levels (Standard, Gold, Shadow, Diamond). Each card have a Purity value and the highest purity value will have shinier in-game graphics. The probably of shining level, rarity and purity is programmed into smart contracts. There’s also another term that you should know: Scarcity. The scarcity value is the other number of cards with the same rarity and shine – but probably a different purity.

Odds & Type of Packs 

Let’s start with the shine levels. There are 4 shine levels that a card could have:

  • Plain – 93.8% of cards have the plain shine level.
  • Shadow – 5% of cards have the shadow shine level.
  • Gold – 1% of cards have the gold shine level.
  • Diamond – 0.2% of cards have the diamond shine level.

There’s also the chance of finding a mythic card. Well, the chance is actually 1 in a million – but you never know. A mythic card is completely different from the others. There are 4 mythic cards that will be revealed every year – and which cannot be used in tournaments. In fact, the last mythic card was put to auction for the amazing amount of 146.28 ETH. This card is now the second most valuable card in the TCG world. And for this year, there are still 2 other cards that can be found even in the $2.40 packs.


There are also 4 rarity levels for each card:

  • Common – 72.5% of cards have the common rarity level
  • Rare – 23% of cards have the rare rarity level
  • Epic – 4% of cards have the epic rarity level
  • Legendary – 0.5% of cards have the legendary rarity level.

A list with all the cards from Gods Unchained can be found on CardsofGods and for more information about the cards and their value – you can check GodsUnchained.info

How to get Shiny cards?

Shiny cards appear to be the most valuable, mostly because those are the rarest and have the coolest in-game cosmetic effects. But how can you get a shadow, gold or even diamond card? Well, you can do it by two ways:

  • Purchase a shiny legendary pack – Which costs $1 ETH and will have at least one card that will be Shiny and legendary.
  • Combining low tiered cards – You can use five standard cards to create one shadow one – and five shadow one to create a gold one. And of course, you will then need five gold ones to create a diamond one. This means that using 125 standard cards you can have your own diamond shiny card. Now, the cheapest card now worths 0.0010 ETH. So, to create your first diamond card you’d need 0.125 ETH. Therefore, with 1 ETH you can create about 8 diamond cards – which can have the common rarity or you may be lucky and get a legendary.

How to buy Gods Unchained Packs? 

There are 4 types of Gods Unchained packs:

Rare – Price: 0.012 ETH – Presale Exclusive: The Rare pack contains 5 exclusive Genesis Cards. At least one card is Rare or better.

Epic – Price: 0.075 ETH – Presale Exclusive: The Epic pack contains 5 exclusive Genesis Cards. At least one card is Epic or better.

Legendary – Price: 0.112 ETH – Presale Exclusive: The Legendary pack contains 5 exclusive Genesis Cards. At least one card is Legendary, and one is rare or better.

Shiny Legendary – 1 ETH – Presale Exclusive: The Shiny Legendary pack contains 5 exclusive Genesis Cards. At least one card is Shiny and Legendary, and one is rare or better.

As you can see, there are different benefits for each pack. It all depends on your budget and how much you want to spend. And who knows, maybe you’ll find the next Mythic card. Now, we’ll present a step-by-step small tutorial on how to purchase Gods Unchained packs.

Step 1: Install Metamask Chrome Extension. Metamask is one of the most interesting wallets out there. After you create an account, you will be able to deposit funds directly into your new ETH wallet. A step-by-step tutorial was made by the CryptoCompare team – How to use metamask.

Step 2: Fund your newly created Metamask wallet. Be sure to send an extra $1 to cover the GAS fees. The packages can be bought one by one – but the GAS can prove itself very costly – by 6,18,50 or 100 packs. With about 1.2 ETH you’d be able to purchase 100 rare packs – guaranteeing you an amazing collection of 500 cards that you can later user to create diamond cards.

Step 3: Enter on the Gods Unchained Website. Select the pack you want and click the Buy button:

Step 4: Now a window from the Metamask prompted as in the picture below – you may select a lower fee for gas if you’re experienced,ethgasstation.info can help you on this.If not, It would be better if you’d keep it the same. Click on Confirm to buy your first pack:

Step 5: Wait a few minutes, as the transfer may take a while until its completed. Afterwards, click on the ‘Open Cards‘ button. Then, drag and drop the card from the support to the temple stone.

Step 6: Click on the face-down cards and see what you got.

This is what we got by opening a rare pack of Gods Unchained pack. But maybe you’ll get more lucky and get two shadow in the same pack – like our 4th pack opened today:

This pack have a total card value of 0.045 ETH – so, if you’re lucky, you can get really good cards. Cards that can increase or decrease in value until the marketplace is live and you could sell it for ETH. Or, you can keep them and create a package to win tournaments and win prizes. It’s up to you.

Hope we helped you understand a bit more about Gods Unchained and perhaps you’ll love the game as much as we do.

This is a following article to the first part, where we presented the basics : Gods Unchained Review – The Hearthstone of Crypto, Part I.

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