High Payout Airdrops To Track In June 2019

Airdrops in cryptocurrencies refer to the free distribution of tokens or coins to community members for free or for accomplishing certain tasks. The token distribution is done through a random selection of recipients or through publishing the event in airdrop-related news. Airdrops can be publicized through social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

Airdrops are now emerging as a good marketing strategy to publicize new projects. The main agenda of air drops is to spread the word about the new project to as many people as possible. In the month of June, we have notable upcoming air drops as highlighted below.


AhrvoDEEX is a peer-to-peer decentralized equity trading platform that enables profitable trading by deploying the multifactor ranking systems and deep learning algorithms. The system creates smart equity scores and price targets to streamline the exchange process. The Ahrvo project seeks to empower investors and traders to make better decisions by helping them analyze the stock market from an objective perspective. 

The project will release an airdrop in June 2019 after almost a year of development. The airdrop will see the platform issue $1,200,000 in RVO tokens through the AirdropRating website.

To participate in the project, join the Ahrvo Telegram group alongside the AirdropRating Telegram Channel. You will follow Ahrvo and AirdropRating on Twitter. A potential participant is also supposed to retweet the initial AhrvoDEEx airdrop announcement. 

In the next stage, you will have to download and install the Ahrvo mobile application that is compatible with both iOS and Android. Then open an account by filling in the necessary requirements.  Note that you need to use the same email in your registration. Lastly, monitor the social channels as you await the distribution of the token.


Bullex is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Netherlands and was founded by DCORP.  The software used by Bullex was developed DCORP and is deployed by other exchanges globally. The native token of Bullex is DRPU. Unlike other airdrop projects, DRPU is already listed on CoinMarketCap. By the time of writing this article, the token was trading at $0.221 with a market capitalization of $780,578.

Bullex has set Jun 13 as the date it will be airdropping 250, 000 DRPU to community members. To take part in the airdrop, visit the Bullex airdrop website and sign up by submitting your details. Complete simple tasks in order to be eligible to earn 25 DRPU. You can also earn an extra 75 DRPU tokens by completing additional tasks.

After signing up, Bullex will send you an email with a link to a telegram bot which you click. Start a chat with the bot and you get a profile link. You will then earn 1 DRPU to join the airdrop Telegram group.  To receive an additional 4DRPU, invite three friends to join the group. To receive an extra 7DRPU, invite five friends to join the Telegram group.

You should sign up for a Bullex account and earn 3 DRPU.  Once in the group send at least 10 engaging messages and receive 1 DRPU. If you answer a question from a community member, you get 1 DRPU. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and get 3 DRPU. In the last stages, you can receive a bonus 5 DRPU by going through all the task. After completing the tasks, submit your details to the bot and receive 25 DRPU. For an additional 74 DRPU, complete the trading tasks.


The AllSesame blockchain project goal is to act as an efficient Socialized Global Food Delivery Marketplace. The blockchain’s token is SST. The token will be used to reward community members in the airdrop set for June 13. The SST token will offer a peer to peer network of linked nodes powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Each node stores a complete copy of the sesame token blockchain. 

To take part in the upcoming airdrop is simple. First, access the AllSesame airdrop form. It a mandatory requirement you join the AllSesame Telegram group where you will get 5000 SST.  You will earn the same amount by following Allsesame on Twitter. A Facebook follow will earn you 3000 SST. If you subscribe to their YouTube channel and like the airdrop announcement video, you will earn 3000 SST. It is optional to follow AllSeasame on Instagram, Medium and Linkedin. You can 3000 SST for each activity. Note that it is mandatory to visit their Bitcointalk thread and post proof of your participation.  You will then submit your airdrop form. Once all the tasks are clear, you will get 25 000 SST.


YezCoin firm is dedicated to helping blockchain companies with Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering solutions. The YezCoin platform comes in to ensure that these companies comply with government regulation. According to YezCoin, this approach will support the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Yezcoin is also promoting Human Rights through digital identity.

To participate in YezCoin airdrop, visit the official YezCoin Airdrop page.  You will then log in and sign up for YEZ Wallet. Save the private key, click on “Receive” and copy Public Address. In the next step, you will then join their Telegram Group and post a screenshot of your wallet.  To earn 50 YEZ, you will have to complete the airdrop form and submit. To earn 250 YEZ, complete all the tasks on the airdrop page. Lastly, complete the referral form and earn 10 YEZ for every friend who joins.


Energi’s second airdrop is slated for June. Energi seeks to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency with the unification of smart contracts, governance, and self-funding treasury to ensure longevity with the aim of enabling swift growth. The platform plan is also revolving around the creation of an Incubator program for blockchain startups.

Energi enlists and advises the startup by making sure that their economic and business models are efficient. Energi airdrop will involve issuing of 100 NRG tokens to their community members. The airdrop is into round 2 and round 3. To be eligible, you must be a citizen of the USA, Canada, the EU, Australia, or New Zealand.  

Visit the Energi airdrop page and register for the airdrop round based on your nationality. You will then create your Energi wallet and sign in to your dashboard. You will earn 8 NRG for joining Energi Telegram channel and group. On Twitter, follow Energi and earn 8 NRG, like/retweet their pinned tweet for 14 NRG and post your own tweet about Energi to get 8 NRG.

Subscribe to Energi’s YouTube, Discord channel, Reddit page, add Energi on GitHub, like their Facebook page and follow Energi on Linkedin with each activity earning you 8 NRG. Comment and share their pinned post on Facebook for 14 NRG. You can earn 10 NRG for every referral.


LOTEO is lottery platform powered by the blockchain and smart contracts. This platform enhances transparency because operations are by code instead of people. It eliminates any chances of rigging. The incorporation of smart contracts means that it is more transparent as there is no interference from governments or individuals. Thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency usage, LOTEO is incomparably faster than traditional lotteries.

To take part in the airdrop, sign up for an account on LOTEO website and verify your email address. Then visit the LOTEO airdrop page and use ‘GAGARI’ as the promotional code then sign up. You will then join the Telegram Group. Once all the activities are clear, you will earn 500 LOTEU tokens. Successful referrals will earn you 200 LOTEU.


Wings Mobile is a virtual mobile operator focused on the development of innovative software, smartphones, and laptops.  For about 10 years, the company was dealing in the wholesale Business To Business (B2B) market, sourcing technologies for telecommunication operators. In 2017, Wings Mobile turned around its market strategy and started venturing into the retail market and distribute its products to the end customer and, develop its proprietary distribution system.  The upcoming airdrop will raise awareness of the company’s new business model. During the airdrop, WingsMobile will be distributing its native token BitWings.

To participate in the airdrop, visit the Bitwings Airdrop form and fill in the details. Then sign up for an account on the website and then verify your email. In the next stage, join Bitwings Telegram group and their Bitwings Airdrop Telegram group. Follow Bitwings’s Twitter, retweet their pinned tweet, tweet 1, tweet 2, tweet 3 and tag 5 friends of yours.

Like Bitwings Facebook Page, share their pinned post, post 1, post 2, post 3 and tag 5 friends of yours. Complete similar tasks to receive extra BWN tokens. By completing all the tasks, you can receive 100 BWN tokens. Submit the completed form and lastly post on their Bitcointalk thread proof of your participation.


The above-listed airdrops will give you the best returns. However, the market has numerous airdrops lined up. One thing to note is that airdrops are emerging to be the best marketing opportunity for many projects.

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