How does online gaming increase its popularity?

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.

The real fact, the best part of getting your reward not on money only, but on the joy of winning itself. Nowadays, there is a very small percent of people in the world who have never tried to make even a small amount of money in the gaming world. Right now, the online gaming platforms sector constitutes nearly 40 billion dollars – that means despite the number of new platforms growing every year, the market itself keeps expanding.

Why has online gaming become so popular?

First of all, the comfortability – you can play anytime you want without leaving your home. Most people enjoy online gaming as the usual evening entertaining activity to spend some time with a great possibility to get some “easy money”. The same time, most online gaming platforms have worldwide accessibility.

The second and the very important point is transparency and honest play. All the legal online gaming platforms provide the honest conditions for their gamers with an automatic calculation for the bets that excludes any participation of the 3d parties. Nowadays, all the popular online gaming platforms have more honest policy than any local shop trying to rob you with fake discounts. Any gaming platform is built on the serious support of its players and their trust, and, of course, the reviews and suggestions spread like a spider web through all over the world.

The other important point is in a huge variety of gaming activities, but, what is more important, much higher profits than in traditional gaming. It happens because the online platforms have higher percentages of odds and paybacks, but also they exclude all the taxes normally gathered in traditional betting. You pay less, but get more – sounds too good to be real, but this is how it works.

The last, but also great point is in multiple payment methods accepted – you can choose any currency you want; on blockchain-supported platforms, like BTCgratis, you also can enjoy crypto payments – what can be more attractive in the modern days than the possibility to bet using digital gold and getting your rewards in it?

All these advantages combined in one place covered by a powerful combination of Blockchain and Provably fair technologies on BTCgratis platform.

BTCgratis is an online gaming platform which will enable all the players to increase their earnings and generate profits. Our ecosystem is built on Ethereum blockchain and will assist players by getting real pictures of the games and receive the winning. The main aim is to develop the online entertainment platform that will not only provide the players from around the world with an access to a great variety of high-quality games but would also enable them to bet on both competitive or e-sports events.

BTCgratis is employing smart contract technology that makes operations transparent. Gaming tables and slot machines register all transactions and write those in blockchain making tables and slots part of the Internet of Things ecosystem. Access to the tenancy of the slot-machines and game tables is executed through purchase of the casino crypto-tokens, making the process of the tenancy transfer easy, safe, and fast.

These and many other great advantages you will discover on BTCgratis – the most efficient and transparent online gaming platform.

Make online gaming your usual pleasure activity without a fear!

Enjoy your favourite games with players around the world in an honest and protected gaming ecosystem!

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