How to earn on cryptocurrencies without trading by yourself

Our world is currently obsessed with cryptocurrencies. For example, there were almost 29 million Blockchain users back in September 2018. And in just three years this number has almost tripled: in September 2021 this number reached 77 million.

There are lots of success stories and examples of how people became multimillionaires in just one night. The promise of easy money has turned many minds and people even brand new to the world of cryptocurrencies rushed into this industry hoping to draw their golden ticket. Of course, everything turned out to be not that simple. Many people simply gave up along the way or just lost all their savings. It turned out that experienced and successful traders undergo serious training and then spend 18 hours a day in front of the monitors. 3 hours a day with a laptop on the beach plus a pina-colada and a hot blonde nearby appeared to be just a dream.

But attention to the crypto world was still growing as did the number of people who wanted to become a part of it. And so a new direction, funds management trust, emerged in this industry. Teams of experienced crypto traders figured out that they can trade with the money of casual people and share the profit with them. And now this direction is rapidly growing in popularity.

Currently one of the most rapidly growing companies in this industry is inCore Capital. It is steadily growing in popularity, especially in the European region. Let’s see how this company uses the money of investors to make a profit.

InCore.Capital has three main tools: spot trading, futures trading and cryptocurrency mining.

Spot trading is a process of cryptocurrency buying or selling on the terms of immediate delivery of an asset (Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example). In other words, cryptocurrency trading takes place directly between market participants (buyers and sellers). In the spot market, you are the owner of crypto assets and have certain benefits such as staking and voting rights.
Crypto futures provide access to digital currencies without the necessity of owning a real asset.

This tool resembles stock market indexes or commodity futures contracts when the investor can assume the risks of cryptocurrency price changes.

Trade contracts represent a value equivalent to a specific cryptocurrency. And, as we mentioned, when trading futures, you don’t own digital assets.

The main feature of cryptocurrency futures trading is the possibility to secure yourself against negative price changes and extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies. The high volatility of digital currencies allows traders to buy assets at low prices and put them up for sale when the price rises, or vice versa.

In cryptocurrency mining, high-performance miners and computers are used to solve cryptographic equations to get cryptocurrencies. This process uses blockchain technology – literally a chain of blocks, each of which stores information about an individual transaction. inCore purchases and maintains miners with investor funds. Obtained coins are used for further trading or stored until the market conditions become eligible.
Trust management in the crypto industry is undergoing a boom right now. And huge companies like inCore are doing their best to strengthen their positions in this lucrative industry. What trends will occur in the nearest future? It’s hard to say. But, for sure, the competition in this market will grow significantly.

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