How to make money with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain (also known as Decentralized Ledger Technology) is a foundational element of what we now call Industry 4.0. This world-changing technology promises to further disrupt Industries such as Finance, Insurance, Logistics and Law.

Beyond this brilliant technology lies a golden opportunity for savvy individuals looking for additional sources of income.

Below we will outline a few options that we hope will inspire you to embrace and leverage Blockchain technology.

Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a powerful idea: to provide basic, recurring income to the users who make up a blockchain project’s community. Such a grand plan is not easily executed, as you can imagine. The UBI projects that will succeed and capture the attention and the enthusiasm of the blockchain community are those that will combine implementation excellence and sound “tokenomics”. A few projects are paving the way: Circles UBI, HoneySwap and Good Dollar.


The idea is attractive for passive income lovers: purchase tokens and “lock” them in a cryptocurrency trading platform or wallets, where interest will accrue. There is one restriction: while these tokens are locked, they cannot be moved or sold. There is a number of tokens to choose from, such as Atom, Algorand and Ontology.

Providing Liquidity

This option is recommended for users who are able to stomach a little more Risk, who have an appetite for higher yields, and who have some experience playing around with cryptocurrency wallets. Using platforms such as Uniswap or Honeyswap, users can deposit their tokens in liquidity pools, and earn interest for providing liquidity.


Perhaps the easiest way to make money using Blockchain is by taking part in “airdrop campaigns”.

Airdrops such as the UNI airdrop, during which Uniswap users were given 400 UNI tokens each, can be a truly excellent source of income. But where can one find such airdrops? We highly recommend platforms such as and — platforms like these are a convenient way to keep track of all the current and upcoming airdrops.

Sell Art: become a Rarible Artist

If you are an artist, Rarible, an Art marketplace which uses Blockchain to “automagically” mint Art Collectibles, provides an excellent way to make money. Not only can you make a killing selling your Art but you will also be rewarded for doing so with Rari tokens. For artists looking for a way to earn a living through their Craft, this is a dream come true.


Looking past the technology, slogans and speculation, it is obvious that Blockchain is no flash in the pan and that it is here to stay. Blockchain is rich in opportunities, and it is up to you to leverage this “gift” in order to generate multiple sources of revenue for yourself and why not, to earn a living. A living? Well, in this brand new 4.0 world, anything is possible.

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