How To Start Your Cryptocurrency Job

The cryptocurrency sector is currently exploding with job opportunities in different disciplines. Startups in the space are coming and are in need of skilled individuals to propel them to the next level. Cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces are considered to be the future of the internet hence the rising number of job opportunities. The crypto space entails an eclectic cast of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. However, before you start with a cryptocurrency job, you need to understand the types of opportunities available in the industry.

Types of Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency is a vast field with different types of opportunities. Here are the leading jobs in the cryptocurrency sector you can start with.


Writers are meant to communicate. Communication is vital because it makes the masses understand how the complex field of cryptocurrencies works. If the masses can easily digest all factors related to cryptocurrencies, individuals and institutions can begin to place their trust in it. Cryptocurrency writing is among the easiest jobs available in the space. All you need is good communication skills alongside an understanding of how cryptos work.


Blockchain developers are among the sort after professionals currently. This is an evergreen field. All upcoming ICOs will be set up on the blockchain hence developers are needed. Note that new cryptocurrencies are coming out almost daily, the demand for developers is always going to be high. Platforms like Ethereum that allow the establishment of smart contracts mean that developers are needed to customize blockchains from scratch.


The growth of cryptocurrencies has led to a rise in mining pools that require professionals to set up specialized chips in different regions. Basically, mining entails navigating the complex proof-of-work algorithms of the various cryptocurrencies to come up with new coins. The mining units need maintenance and monitoring to enhance efficiency meaning that there is an opening for IT experts.


Cryptocurrency trading is now big business. Cryptocurrency exchanges are coming up to facilitate transactions of coins while other companies are investing in digital assets. With time, crypto exchanges have come to resemble stock exchange something that has given rise to professionals. Crypto traders are in a position to analyze the market for volatility, and adjusting their trades. Successful analysis means that one can avoid losses and focus on profits.

Crypto Analyst

The cryptocurrency space is now in the maturity stage leading to a rise of analysts who are needed to explain factors like the bull run and the bear phase. Crypto analysts role is to keep up with developments in the field and assessing the potential of upcoming ICOs and determine their profitability. To become an analyst, you need a background in finance alongside a passion for cryptos.

Where to Find Cryptocurrencies Jobs

As seen above, the cryptocurrency space has countless opportunities. However, finding these opportunities is not easy. We have compiled areas to get you started with a cryptocurrency job.

Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List is a meeting place for job seekers and recruiters. Popular jobs on the platform revolve around blockchain jobs, blockchain engineers, solidity devs, DLT experts, trading and internship. Based on your location, Crypto Jobs List filters jobs to enable you to work remotely. Furthermore, the platform claims to have partnered with leading blockchain companies like Ethereum, Huobi, Circle, and Okex.


Reddit is a leading forum where people discuss different topics under subreddits. For cryptocurrency euthanasist in need of a job, the Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit is your ideal destination. The subreddit has a listing of almost all cryptocurrency related jobs. You will find developer, writing, mining among other jobs listed under this subreddit. It is worth noting that under this subreddit, you can post your qualifications with the hope that a potential employer will spot you and offer you a job opportunity. Another advantage with Reddit is that individuals are able to discuss various aspects of the cryptocurrency job market giving you an insight on how to maneuver the industry.


According to Crypto Jobs, their main goal is to link talents to the best blockchain projects at the same accelerating the building of a decentralized world. Additionally, on this platform, you will get job listings on analysts, developers, content writing among others. Additionally, you can subscribe to push notifications that will let you know of a new crypto job posting. Based on your preferred location of working, CryJob does the work for you by grouping the listings based on the region. Popular locations include Palo Alto, London, Singapore, San Francisco, and New York.


You will also find a good number of cryptocurrency job listings on Upwork. The platform deals with job listing from other fields. Most cryptocurrency job listing on Upwork are freelance and revolve around blockchain development, writing, and customer care. All you need to do is sign up and start bidding for the job of your choice.

Blockchain Headhunter

Blockchain Headhunter connects blockchain companies with leading blockchain talents globally. To get started on this platform, submit your CV and they will link you to the right company. The website keeps a CV database for use by different companies. Furthermore, you can also browse through a list of different crypto jobs and apply without necessarily submitting your CV. To increase your chances of getting a job, Blockchain Headhunter offers Blockchain education services. The platform compiles a list of reputable courses to ensure all hired employees are qualified.


Ethlance is ideal for freelancers in the cryptocurrency space. This blockchain website links employers to freelancers at 0% service fee. Unlike similar platforms, Ethalnce does not take any cut from transactions between employers and freelancers. The only condition is for both parties to accept Ether payments. Additionally, becoming a member of Ethlance has no restriction and its free for everybody.


With the growth of the cryptocurrency sector, we should expect countless job openings. This means that before you start any job, you need to have the necessary qualifications. To be part of this industry, we have platforms offering free online cryptocurrency courses that will position you to land that dream job.

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