Interesting Cryptocurrency Facts Around The World

Cryptocurrencies are so popular right now that it’s sometimes irrelevant to actually look at the statistics. Most industry professionals, just vaguely mention that this or that country is leading in a specific blockchain field, but all of these claims need to be reinforced with hard facts and statistics. has created a comprehensive infographic, detailing all of the aspects of the cryptocurrency world. Aspects such as regulation, taxation, ATM locations, cryptocurrency exchange presence, mining power and, of course, the interest of the general public of various countries.

The data has been compiled by compiling all of the information about various countries and companies, but the estimates are still rough as some companies choose to remain hidden. But the maps give general impressions about where cryptocurrencies are the most prevalent, and which countries disregard them completely.

One of the biggest surprises was the level of interest towards cryptocurrencies from African countries such as South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. Check the source of the infographic to learn more.


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