IOTA and Crypto Storage AG Introduces Revolutionary Token Storage Infrastructure Solution

Crypto Storage AG has worked together with IOTA Foundation for the first multi-signature storage solution for the storage of high volumes of IOTA tokens worldwide. It brings an added benefit of security to companies that are utilizing IOTA’s technology by a separate infrastructure and a definable approval process.

The CEO of Crypto Storage AG, Stijn Vander Straeten was delighted at supporting IOTA given it’s rising demand in various industries throughout the world.

The partnership between IOTA and Crypto Storage AG is a win-win for both the companies. It brings onboard IOTA investments for Crypto Storage AG clients. As well as help companies which utilize IOTA in meeting institutional and compliance requirements.

In IOTA’s point of view, the infrastructure by Crypto Storage AG will help in the long term vision of supporting a machine-to-machine economy.

IOTA has established itself as a one of a kind Blockchain with the Tangle. The Tangle is a permissionless, no-fee distributed ledger, designed for the Internet of Things. Thus it revolutionizes IoT helping the automobile and smart energy industry amongst many.

Crypto Storage AG is a subsidiary of Crypto Finance AG and helps in storing more than 60 different cryptocurrency assets with an institutional grade infrastructure solution.

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IOTA’s innovative solution to IoT has helped take it places. Last year, 2018 it had partnered up with popular automobile brand Audi. It also partnered up with Ledger to enable its users to store IOTA’s native token MIOTA on the cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

At the time of writing MIOTA is well placed at 12th rank, in the green valued at $0.371935 and a market capitalization of $1,033,803,233. To learn more about Crypto Storage AG you can check their website.

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