Learn The Truth About TurboXBT And Trading Profitability

TurboXBT is an all-new synthetic trading platform that offers high profitability margins of up to 90% to new and experienced traders. The platform seeks to address the issue of market volatility faced by short-term traders.

The main aim of short-term traders is to make profits daily. Therefore, a high level of volatility is a limitation as it makes it difficult to enter and exit the market regularly. Volatility also increases the chances of a trader making a loss.

TurboXBT Provides Huge Profit Margins With Beginner-Friendly Features

With TurboXBT, traders of all experience levels can make more profits, thanks to its stop points ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. TurboXBT’s platform and trading style are straightforward to use and comprehend.

It is a two-way wager on the values of synthetic assets. In other words, TurboXBT allows traders to profit by either executing trades on the assumption that the price will increase in respect to a time period or that the price will decrease in reference to a time frame.

Although TurboXBT has no direct competition at the moment, it has developed a world-class trading system that includes the following features, allowing traders of all experience levels to make huge profits.

Demo account

Each user is offered a demo account with $1,000 in trading money. Demo trades may be performed on the site using these funds, allowing users to practice their strategies risk-free. Winnings and losses are shown in real time, providing the trader with an accurate picture of what to expect when trading with real money.

Currency pairs

A wide selection of currency pairs is available for traders on this platform. There is a total of 38 pairs to choose from, and each pair varies in profit percentage. After selecting a trading pair, you’ll want to select a duration for the transaction.

Depending on your specific requirements, you may choose between timeframes ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. Pick the one you’re most comfortable with.

You should consider the payout rates of the asset pairs you choose to trade when making your trading decision. BTC/USD pays between 75% and 85%, EUR/AUD 70%-80%, EUR/USD 67%-80%, and GBP/USD, AU$CAD 70%-80%.

Simple predictions

The platform offers a straightforward prediction mechanism. Once you’ve decided on a direction, click the green ‘UP’ or red ‘DOWN’ button to trade on price increase or decrease. Either way, you can get up to 90% profit depending on the trade if your predictions are correct. Based on the duration you choose, the TurboXBT will monitor your trade till the time elapses.

Blog: TurboXBT’s blog is an excellent resource for all traders. The blog contains expert tips, and tricks traders can use to make the most profits from their short-term trades. While you might not be an expert trader, the tips on the blog are easy to understand and apply.

In addition, the blog allows traders to obtain thought-provoking insight on how to increase their knowledge in trading. The blog posts are written by experienced traders who have been in the business for years. Their posts offer strategies for synthetic short-term trading in a clear and concise way.

High Profitability, Backed by Seamless Trading Features.

TurboXBT is an innovative platform that offers high profitability margins per trade. This is a huge advancement in short-term trading compared to traditional platforms. Although every trading platform comes with its own risks, the timeframe and demo accounts provided by TurboXBT help reduce these hazards.


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