Ledger Nano S Wallet – 20% Discount For A Limited Time

If you’re a fan of cryptocurrencies – you’ve probably heard about hardware wallets. A hardware wallet is one of the best options to keep your cryptocurrencies secure. It’s not as secure as a paper wallet – but its the second best thing afterwards. If you want to store your cryptocurrencies in a wallet and access them daily while also have an almost unhackable security – a hardware wallet is what you need.

What is Ledger Wallet? 

There are a lot of hardware wallets out there. But only a few are used by the ‘hodlers’ because they support multiple cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they proved themselves trustworthy and created a loyal list of customers. Two of the most trusted ones are Trezor and Ledger. While Trezor have a friendly interface and gain its popularity because its easy to use and more user friendly than the competitors – Ledger gain an advantage in the market because they accept a wider range of cryptocurrencies.

Ledger’s most selling product is the Nano S wallet – a hardware wallet that lets you control your private keys. But that’s not even the best part. With Ledger Nano S – you can store 712 cryptocurrencies on it and the list is growing each week.From the top 20, there are a few cryptocurrencies that are not available on Ledger – such as Cardano (ADA)and  IOTA (MIOTA). The developers of these cryptocurrencies are working to implement support for these cryptocurrencies as we speak. Cardano being one that should be available on Ledger Nano S until the end of 2018.  For more details about what cryptocurrencies can be stored on Ledger Nano S, you can check Ledger’s Supported Crypto Assets.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Ledger Nano S – 20% Discount Until 22nd October

The promotion of the Ledger Nano S is starting today, October 16th, and it will last until October 22nd. The price of Ledger Nano S has been reduced from $99.99 to $79.99. With a weight of 16.2g – Ledger Nano S is the smallest cryptocurrency hardware wallet there is. Ledger Nano S have a 4.1 rating from 116 user reviews on CryptoCompare – a well-known forum for crypto enthusiasts. A lot of people love this wallet because you can easily store your favorite cryptocurrency and feel safe – as long as you don’t enter on phishing websites. The worst part of Nano S wallet is that its not so easy to use. Because it wasn’t made for that. Ledger Nano S is pretty complicated. At least until you learn how to navigate on the small interface. Then, it will feel like a piece of cake. Ledger Nano S require you to set up a PIN. The PIN have a maximum of 7 numbers, making it incredible hard to break for someone who doesn’t know your PIN.

If you don’t have a Ledger Wallet already, now its the perfect time to buy one. One of the most important things to remember if you buy one is to purchase it only from the Ledger website or from a respected re-seller of theirs – but to be 100% safe, only their website.

If you consider that the article and information provided was helpful and you want to purchase a Ledger Nano S wallet, you can purchase one with our affiliate link – Ledger Nano S – or without it – Ledger Nano S.


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