OWNR Wallet Review- Safe bitcoin wallet for any platform

Personal crypto wallets are very popular nowadays because they offer more protection than wallets offered by crypto exchanges but they lack the ability to perform trades.

Luckily, OWNR Wallet meets both criteria by being a licensed multifunctional non custodial crypto wallet with its own in-built crypto-to-crypto exchange. Suitable for both professionals and newbies.

OWNR Wallet prepaid Visa card

ownr card

Starting this December, OWNR Wallet users will be able to order a prepaid Visa card straight in the app. This major milestone will allow users to make online and offline purchases, and withdraw euros using any ATM worldwide.

The card is connected to your cryptocurrency OWNR Wallet app and provides 24/7 access to its assets. There are many advantages of this card but the main ones are Apple Pay compatibility and the possibility to load the card account with cryptocurrency almost in an instant.

In order to apply for the card you just need to fill out a short questionnaire and pass a quick video verification, the delivery will be free of charge to almost any country of the world. The cost of ordering the card is €40 and the service fee for the card will be €1 per month.

OWNR’s own built-in crypto-to-crypto exchange

Another major update is the launch of their own in-built crypto-to-crypto exchange which means they are no longer using Changenow.io services.

OWNR Wallet’s users can now enjoy much faster exchange transactions which no longer depend on the asset availability on Changenow. The updated exchange is available in both desktop and mobile apps with the following assets available for exchange: BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH, ZEC, LTC. This list of cryptocurrency assets will be continuously expanded

OWNR Wallet cryptocurrency purchase fees

December, the month of gifts, also came with a big fee reduction from 7% + 10 USD to 4% + 3 USD for customers from any supported country. Another surprise is that the rates were reduced from 5% to 3% for verified Bitfinex customers that use OWNR Wallet to purchase crypto with a credit or debit card.

Technical features

  • OWNR Wallet does not store your private data – the seed phrase is stored on your device only.
  • You can restore any HD – wallet regardless of the seed phrase length (12/15/18/21/24 words).
  • Asset auto discovery – all the assets from your restored wallet are available instantly.
  • Continuous token auto discovery – tokens appear on your balance immediately once sent. and there is no need to add them manually.
  • Forced address allocation – generate new receiving addresses as often as you need, without having to wait till the transaction to the current address completes.
  • SegWit – for swiffer transactions and lower fees.
  • Balance updates – get notified about your balance update once the incoming transaction reaches mempool


  • Licensed wallet – OWNR was Granted MSB License to Sell Cryptocurrency in the USA
  • Buy crypto with fiat – OWNR provides a secure way to buy crypto with a credit card
  • Buy and sell crypto via SEPA – you can choose bank transfer through SEPA when you want to buy or sell your crypto.
  • All-in-one wallet – a multifunctional wallet for managing basic coins and all the ERC20 tokens that offers 24/7 support and an easy interface suitable for both professionals and newbies.
  • Partnership with Bitfinex – OWNR Wallet has a partnership with Bitfinex, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitfinex’s customers are able to purchase USDT via OWNR with a few clicks.

More about OWNR WALLET

OWNR is a private limited company based in Estonia. They have a dedicated team of IT professionals that was formed in 2018 which consists of specialists with background in fintech, cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies and marketing.

The company is currently focused on the development of a game changing wallet devised as part of a multi-asset crypto-ecosystem. Passionate about everything crypto, they strive to make a simple all-in-one tool which would come in handy to everyone: traders, businesses, developers, but first of all, non-technical people dreaded by the very ‘C’ word.


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