Places to Find Free Cryptocurrency Courses Worth Learning

The cryptocurrency sector is fast rising in popularity based on the massive potential it harbors.  As a result, many people are looking for cryptocurrencies courses that will help them gain a deeper understanding of the sector. We already have a number of online platforms offering free courses for beginners and individuals with advanced crypto knowledge. Some of the courses can be offline or online and are categorized into short courses and degree modules. In this article, we look at the best places you can visit to learn more about cryptocurrency for free.


Udemy is an online portal offering learning materials in different fields with cryptocurrencies being among the latest. The platform is popular for constantly updating the courses related to cryptocurrencies. The courses range from basics to advanced. If you are a cryptocurrency beginner, then Udemy is among the options to consider. If you are seeking advanced knowledge, Udemy has courses in ICOs, crypto safety, and trading lessons.

Cryptocurrencies lessons on this platform are over 100 and can take you about an hour daily to learn. Generally, with Udemy, you get to learn based on your time. Additionally, the courses are prepared and offered by leading market experts. Among the popular courses on Udemy are Build a Blockchain and a Cryptocurrency from Scratch, A Complete Guide to Trading Altcoins and Buy, Sell Crypto for Profit. On Udemy, instructors can sometimes offer incentives in cryptos for successfully completing a course. After completing the courses, you gain access to the Udemy’s Bitcoin/Blockchain community. The community is made up of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, experts, and investors with blockchain interest. An advantage of being part of this community is that you can easily get started in the job industry.


Medium is an online publishing platform with a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications. In most cases, the platform is regarded as a blog host for different subjects. You can find vast knowledge of cryptocurrencies from experts who regularly publish on the website. Note that the course available on Medium are aggregated from other platforms. In this case, the publisher compiles best cryptocurrency free courses sourced from all over the web and puts them in a central place.  You will get guides on blockchain introductory courses, technical trading courses, and cryptocurrency safety.

Apart from aggregating courses, Medium is also a platform where experts post cryptocurrency related development and knowledge. You can subscribe to the cryptocurrency thread to get more knowledge on how the sector works. Note that, just like other platforms, Medium caters for both cryptocurrency beginners and advanced individuals.


Boss Crypto is an online platform with a focus on investing in and trading blockchain technologies. The platform’s mission is to guide individuals to become successful traders. Bosscrypto has established relationships with top traders and other top investment firms to fulfill its mission. As part of churning out successful traders, BossCrypto has an online course on trading. The owners believe that with proper education one will be in a better position to understand risk management and best trading practices.

The course lasts for a period of six weeks and it focuses on trading and investing in cryptocurrencies from scratch. The learning model entails watching videos, using the tools provided and testing the strategies you learn. Learning begins immediately you enroll and you can complete it in your own time and work through it as slow, or as fast as you wish. This crypto trading course revolves around 25 online training lessons, tools, a support network, and a community. Note that the course takes care of cryptocurrency beginners by looking at the basics of the industry before the actual trading course starts. Upon completion, you join an online community where you discuss different cryptocurrency trading aspects. The community also gives an opportunity to learn from experienced traders.


Coursera seeks to provide universal access to education by collaborating with leading global universities to offer online courses in different fields. One of the popular field on Coursera is cryptocurrencies. A popular course on the platform is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, a partnership with Princeton University. The course is for beginners who want to gain knowledge of how Bitcoin works. Other popular courses include Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications, and Blockchain Platforms. All the courses on Coursera are up to date to incorporate the latest developments in the crypto sector.

To diversify your cryptocurrency knowledge, Coursera has also partnered with IBM, Copenhagen Business School, Indian School of Business, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Duke University among others. Additionally, you will get insights from leading experts at Ivy League universities. Furthermore, Coursera allows students to customize their courses based on various aspects. You can change the language to either Spanish or English. We have different levels like beginners, intermediate, advanced and mixed. Lastly, you can also filter the courses based on the skills you want to acquire.  All the courses range from basic to advanced.

Class Central

Class Central is a website that aggregates courses from different providers to help you find the best courses in different subjects including cryptocurrencies. On this platform, you will get free cryptocurrency courses from different leading institutions. All the courses are offered through a massive open online course (MOOC) platforms.

For cryptocurrencies, Class Central aggregates courses to cater for beginners alongside individuals with technical knowledge in the sector. Once you have subscribed to the crypto courses thread, you will get personalized course recommendations, track subjects and reminders. Additionally, the platform keeps you up to date with the latest courses on cryptocurrencies.


The education sector is keeping up with the cryptocurrency boom. As the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector grows, there is a need for more knowledge. It is encouraging to see renowned global learning institutions providing cryptocurrency courses. The platforms highlighted above are a good starting point if you want to know more about cryptocurrencies. With a lot of information available online about cryptos, credibility becomes an issue. Therefore, before starting any course, make sure the medium you are using is credible by reading reviews. Always be on the lookout for paid reviews to avoiding scams.

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