Planet IX: A Whole New Addition to the Metaverse

Surely, you heard about Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about changing his company’s name to Meta, a short version of the Metaverse. Zuckerberg and many technologists are confident that the Metaverse is one of the technological features bound to grow larger and improve our world.

The certainty of the Metaverse being the next frontier isn’t just based on speculation. Over the years, many people have used applications that are involved in the Metaverse and have made immense progress and profit as they invested in it. One of these people is Sam Peurifoy, a chemistry Ph.D. holder who quit his job during the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 and decided to seek fortune while playing crypto video games. Over time, Peurifoy has hacked the process of earning from some of these games.

The Crypto Metaverse

The crypto Metaverse isn’t an exception from the promising Metaverse. As it is an immersive virtual world that is based on and uses Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology, the crypto Metaverse has massive financial and social potential.

The incorporation of the Metaverse into Crypto and the use of blockchain technology has made it easier to ease into the wider part of the Cryptocurrency economy. This has made it viable for virtual items used on Metaverse to be exchangeable with crypto and fiat currency of economic value outside the Metaverse.

This is how the crypto Metaverse has allowed the use of virtual reality, video games, the exchange of crypto, and also the networking of various social media interactions. The crypto Metaverse is the reason games like Planet IX exist.

What is Planet IX?

Planet IX is a strategy and trading game that allows the players to rule their virtual world. This game is a representation of our world, teaching the players to build and take care of their territories right from the very beginning of “time”.

This game is all about selling, buying, and developing your territory on the game’s interface. And guess what, the game’s interface is actually a virtual representation of our real world, the planet Earth, on a scale of 1:1. The game is played by acquiring pieces of land that represent every geographical location in our real world.

These pieces of land are called PIXs. These PIXs are hexagonally shaped ten by ten pieces representing a geographical location on the game’s interface. There are nine classifications and five tiers of these PIXs that show the rankings of these pieces of land.

In a bid to make the acquisition of these PIXs very fair to everyone playing this game, they are bought in pack drops which contain PIXs that are randomly selected. So, your PIXs depend on luck. These pack drops can be purchased in either small, medium, or large sizes.

What does Planet IX do for the Metaverse?

Planet IX is a game that connects both the physical and digital worlds. This game brings the geographical location in the real world to connect with the virtual environments that the players of the game generate.

NFTs are becoming a huge deal in the Cryptocurrency world as they went from being ownables to bonafide collectibles. This is proof that the spread of digital property rights is just beginning. All of the in-game assets in this game are NFTs, which makes them tradable and also in total ownership by the game’s players as soon as they purchase them. These in-game NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain, and they form the basis of the array of financial services and products that are using smart contracts.

The gaming industry and the virtual real estate world are beginning to be infused with blockchain technology. This causes a huge transfer of value into decentralized virtual environments. The game, Planet IX, works alongside this shift, taking care of the community’s needs from the very beginning. With the plans to educate the players and unlock gradual features, Planet IX is all for making the Metaverse’s features available to its players.

The Crypto Metaverse and the NFT world are merging, forming virtual worlds of games and virtual reality. Planet IX is one of the games that takes full advantage of this, providing a whole new world for its players to explore in the process.


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