PolisPay Collaborates With Dash for MasterCard Payments

Now, crypto enthusiasts can spend Dash wherever Mastercard is accepted for payments. Crypto liquidity has always stood as a barrier in the adoption of cryptocurrency globally, but now a solution is here to remove this obstacle.

PolisPay, a blockchain payments service, has launched a new project to implement the Dash cryptocurrency for users with Master Card. Before this announcement of debit card implementation, the Polis app supported payments through Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin(LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Digibyte (DGB), and its own token, Polis (POLIS). From now on, users can deposit cryptocurrencies using its app, and receive a proportionate balance of fiat currency on the PolisPay card.

Crypto users can spend their balance anywhere MasterCard is accepted after loading the funds on the debit card. Furthermore, merchants will be paid in fiat and transactions are paid for in cryptocurrency. This technology allows users to trade and store their cryptocurrencies, and also spend them for daily ‘real-time’ shopping.

PolisPay’s system is set to improve the experience of the crypto holder by “reducing the barrier between their digital assets and real-world items.”  Apart from Debit services, PolisPay users can also expect:

  • Storage for supported cryptocurrencies on the Polis platform
  • Seamless fiat to crypto conversions
  • Comparably effortless crypto-to-crypto transactions
  • Management of their own master node (for POLIS token holders)

After successful implementation of PolisPay MasterCard, it will have a positive effect on market liquidity. A crypto-backed debit card will be unique in its own way as it can differentiate between nebulous, volatile digital cash and concrete purchasing power.

The key goal of Dash has always been to become the universal solution provider for payments. Dash has also entered into a partnership with VegaWallet, a leader in e-commerce, wherein Dash will be used as the primary medium for the emerging US$10 billion legal cannabis industry. VegaWallet has offered a robust solution to legal cannabis businesses (that usually struggle for banking solutions) by integrating Dash technology for optimized storage and payments.

Thanks to the recent collaboration with PolisPay, the Dash has positioned itself as the supreme power in two unexplored yet potentially lucrative niches: legal cannabis and debit card payments.


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