Privacy Coin Stegos to Launch an Initial Exchange Offering

Stegos combines scalability and privacy to provide a unique anti-surveillance, decentralized platform

Stegos (STG) have announced that they will be holding an initial exchange offering (IEO) to provide their developers with more funding to finish building their already impressive product. Stegos is one of the most promising projects in the crypto space: an entirely private, confidential, scalable, and environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. Not only does Stegos allow users to send payments and messages in complete confidentiality, it will also allow users to conduct p2p trades and will support developers in building their own fully private apps.

IEO Details

The IEO will take place in the month of November on an Exchange that will be announced soon. 12 million STG tokens will be up for sale for $0.025 each. Overall, Stegos is looking to raise $300,000. If you want to take part in the sale then you will need to pass the KYC procedures and be whitelisted. For more information regarding the IEO, reach out to the team via their Telegram channel.

Stegos Main Features:

  • Combines the UTXO model with a unique gamified PoS (gPoS) consensus mechanism, which improves upon traditional PoS and makes the system fairer.
  • Transactions in Stegos are unlinkable, untraceable, and completely confidential. Stegos makes it impossible to identify recipients of a transaction because transactions are directed to new and unique addresses.
  • Stegos coins are fully fungible.
  • Stegos transactions are initiated between two parties via the Stegos on-chain private messaging service.
  • Stegos messaging also supports fully private group chats, protecting all user metadata, including phone numbers.
  • All the amounts in Stegos are hidden using cryptographic commitments and zero-knowledge proofs.
  • The Stegos blockchain is kept small and compact via cryptographic pruning. Pruning removes spent coins and consumed data safely from the blockchain.
  • Stegos uses transactional sharding to scale. Separate groups of Stegos validators keep the whole blockchain state but verify only a subset of incoming transactions, using cross-shard atomic commits to eliminate double-spending.
  • Privacy apps can be downloaded from the Stegos App Store in complete privacy.

Meet the Team

Joel Reymont, CEO:

A seasoned hacker and blockchain pioneer, Raymont started his career on Wall Street and has twenty-five years of experience in diverse software engineering and management experience. He was previously Chief Technology Officer at a Top 100 cryptocurrency and blockchain company, where he earned a reputation within the community for his formidable ability to get things done.

Vladimir Lebedev, VP of Engineering:

Lebedev has over twenty-five years of experience in managing technology in fintech, telecom, and media companies. His pioneering credits include creating the first FidoNet node in the Soviet Union, the first remote banking application using asymmetric keys cryptography in Russia, and the first ISP in Western Siberia. He also used to be the CTO of the Russian stock exchange, where he created its trading system and network infrastructure.

David McClain, Ph.D., Chief Rocket Scientist

Astrophysicist and a lecturer in the field of computing and low-level programming. He was the CEO of the now-defunct Acudora and has a well-established on GitHub and is a vastly experienced coder.

Roman Tsisyk, Core Blockchain Team Lead:

He is a database and distributed systems expert who enjoys working on the cutting edge of technology. Over his fifteen-years career in Telecom and Internet industries, he gained broad expertise in software engineering as well as team and product management skills. Roman was a Team Lead and Core Developer of Tarantool, an open-source database and application server.

Eugene Chupriyanov, Senior Software Engineer:

Chupriyanov has over 30 years of experience in development, telecom, databases, and computations. He has worked together with the various Stegos team members at Group, Nokia, CPM Ltd., Cybertonica, and VEON.

Volodymyr Motylenko, Software Engineer:

Motylenko specializes in distributed systems, reverse engineering, cryptography, and blockchains. He was a member of a core team of one of the leading private blockchains, where he contributed to the input/output layer and inter-node networking protocols.

Drew Azarias, Growth Hacker:

Azarias is an industrial engineer who ventured into the marketing space in 2010. He has experience working for different multinational companies as well as startups alike doing growth marketing. He also worked for different digital agencies implementing SEO and PPC, but in 2018, he devoted all his efforts to managing communities and running marketing campaigns for blockchain companies.

Stegos Utility

Stegos was handpicked by Crypto Briefing as one of the most promising projects in the space, following a thorough code review. The core value proposition of Stegos is to give people around the world — who are living under oppressive regimes and less than ideal circumstances — a platform where they can express themselves and do business with full freedom. Not only can users conduct transactions with no fears of surveillance, but the developers will be able to create a host of privacy apps as well. Imagine a private social media platform which can’t be spied on by the government!

By using scalability tactics like gPoS, pruning, and sharding, the Stegos blockchain will be fast and compact enough to run from your cellphone.

All in all, Stegos is providing a platform that not only offers unprecedented levels of privacy but is also fast and efficient enough for practical usage.


Stegos is entirely different from previous iterations of privacy coins in two aspects. Firstly, at no point is the privacy of the user or the sender compromised during the interaction. Secondly, its not just a coin, but an actual application development platform where developers can create privacy dApps. This IEO will enable them to collect funds for their developers to see their project to completion. Along with that, the IEO will also allow newer investors to be a part of this exciting ecosystem.


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