Samsung’s Crypto Wallet – Better News Than Bakkt?

Bakkt, Bitcoin ETF and then there are the rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S10 being loaded with a cryptocurrency wallet!

Details and pictures have been leaked on Twitter and now is spreading on the social media platform.


As seen in the tweet, the phone’s design matches the unreleased Samsung Galaxy S10

The images allegedly show the unreleased Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone, equipped with a native cryptocurrency wallet that supports Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Several notable Crypto enthusiasts took to Twitter to express their delight on Samsung entering the crypto world.

One such person was Joseph Young known for his analysis of cryptocurrencies. As seen in the tweet below he called the integration of cryptocurrency on Samsung bigger than Bakkt and Bitcoin ETF. The main reason cited by him is the fact that millions use Samsung, while not many know about Bakkt nor Bitcoin ETF.


So far the news is not confirmed by the electronics giant, who have established themselves as the leader in smartphones along with Apple.  However several hints have pointed towards this being a reality. For example, the blockchain related European trademarks for smartphones.

The Galaxy S10 will officially be revealed on February 20th, 2019  and so crypto enthusiasts will need to wait for about a month.

Zerocrypted Opinion

Could Samsung having a crypto wallet have a more significant impact than Bakkt and Bitcoin ETF? Millions spread throughout the world know Samsung’s brand. Bakkt and Bitcoin ETF’s only ring a bell to people who are educated on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech in general. However, Samsung reaches out to the many who have no idea what cryptocurrency is and what it is can be capable of!

It also creates a trustability factor for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies especially to mainstream commercial consumers who are fed with mainstream news. Most mainstream media have linked cryptocurrencies to Ponzi schemes and not highlighted the greatness of it, and so Samsung could make a huge difference, and be as big as institutional investors entering the crypto scene.

Image Source – Cryptoniam


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