Sapling Allows ZCash (ZEC) Lighter Private Transactions

ZCash (ZEC) utilizes the zero-knowledge proof called ‘zk-SNARKS’ to ensure the privacy is maintained. However, there is an ex-amount of computational power to perform, validate and record the transactions on a blockchain and thus ZCash is limited to getting into mainstream adoption.

ZCash’s community, however, can dance with joy as ZCash’s latest hard fork is rolling out called Sapling. It will improve the practical usage of Zcash along with its usability.

Private Transactions may not be as popular. However, thanks to Sapling the transaction and time being reduced will broaden shielded transactions widely.

According to the CTO of ZCash Company, Nathan Wilcox Sapling’s shielded transactions will be 100 times smaller in size and six times as fast as current transactions.

On October 28th the execution of the Sapling activation on  Block height of 419200 took place.

In the current version, the Sprout shielded addresses required 1.5 GB of computer memory and created a zero-knowledge transaction in 40 seconds. Sapling results in the shielded addresses starting with ‘zs’ and makes it shorter in length which is 78 from the previous 90.

Zerocrypted Opinion

With privacy coins stepping up its technologies, it’s about time for ZCash to become more privacy-centric.

If you have used Sapling before you know it only allows transactions to be sent by those running a full blockchain node. The Sapling node will enable users to send anonymous transactions in a more light manner meaning from the comforts such as mobile devices.

Sapling has been anticipated however it does not seem to give the expected market demand for ZEC even though private transactions will become more feasible. According to CoinMarketCap at the time of writing ZEC  is in the red at $114.56 with a market capitalization of $586,608,991.

The destination eventually for Zcash is ‘privacy-by-default’ in cryptocurrency transactions. However, it won’t be as easy.

Sapling is the first major upgrade for Zcash network with the first and currency one being Sprout. The sapling activation is on the second anniversary of ZCash, and so Zerocrypted wishes ZCash a very happy anniversary and good luck on its future endeavors!

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