Seven Interesting dApps to Earn Cryptocurrency

DApps also known as decentralized applications run applications on a peer to peer network with Blockchain technology hence leading to a more decentralized manner of deployment. The code of the application is made available to everyone thanks to dApps being open source. Most of the dApps are run by cryptocurrency tokens, with a system to help users generate tokens. It’s one of the ideal ways for a beginner on cryptocurrency to earn money using their strengths without the need for complicated ways of earning such as cryptocurrency mining or cryptocurrency trading. 

Zerocrypted lwants to present you seven dApps which give skilled people a chance to earn cryptocurrency. 


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Brave brings web 3.0 to the user with a decentralized web browsing experience. It is a web browser which is developed by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy. The decentralized web browser pays in the native currency of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to users who opt for allowing advertisements to be viewed using the Brave browser. A user has to download Brave from their website and can earn henceforth.

The amount of BAT received depends on commission made from the advertiser’s revenue. BAT is available on many exchanges and so can be converted to more popular cryptocurrencies or even fiat. Brave already boasts of more than 4 million users with an added benefit of a referral program which pays BAT equivalent of US $5 in turn for each member a user of Brave brings in.

Even website owners who register their websites through the Brave browser can earn, along with content creators and influencers through tips from the decentralized web browser.

Storm PlayImage result for storm play

Image Source – Storm Play

If you are addicted to your mobile and want to earn some extra cash from constant swipes and clicks, download Storm Play.  All you have to do is test games, try products, complete specific tasks and watch videos, how easy can it get?

The great part is it’s so easy to earn extra cryptocurrencies through Storm Play that even cryptocurrency beginners can hop in and earn cryptocurrency.

The amount of cryptocurrency you earn depends on how many tasks you participate. As of now, the application is available on Android’s Google Store, so if you have a mobile running an Android Operating System, download the Storm Play Application and start minting cryptocurrency!

PeepethImage result for peepeth


Peepeth is Social Media 2.0, which helps you retain your privacy, is uncensorable and helps you earn money. In other words, it has freedom for people to express themselves without thinking twice about the government coming after you and making money from quality and exciting ‘peeps’ (Peeps are Peepeth’s equivalent of Tweets on Twitter).

The only drawback is the need of paying for posting a peep or following someone. However, there are some exciting incentives if you use the platform regularly. Also, you have no way of deleting what you posted as it is permanently on the Blockchain. Making money through Peepeth is ideal for cryptocurrency intermediates. To start using Peepeth, you need to use Google Chrome, Install MetaMask and Setup a New Address if you have not and so a cryptocurrency beginner will find it all too complicated in the beginning.

LBRYImage result for lbry

Image Source – Lbry

If you are creative and believe in working for yourself instead of companies which limit your creativity and payment, LBRY is ideal. The platform is on a blockchain which establishes the rights to the creative mind behind it. In other words, it’s the world’s first ‘digital marketplace.’

Creativity in the form of a film, song and even an ebook can help individuals earn in the native token of LBRY. The payment structure of LBRY allows a person to receive remuneration as and when somebody views content that is uploaded on the platform. Hence this allows content creators to flow with creativity and be motivated to publish interesting content. Content creators even have the option of adding a small fee if a person wants to view or make use of the material. Thus the creator has all flexibility in creating a personal monetary flow through his creativity.

SiaImage result for siacoin

Image Source – World Crypto Index

Since most of the data is being stored on the cloud, there is bound to be a blockchain based storage system, and this is precisely what Sia does. Unlike it’s centralized storage competitors like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Dropbox, Sia helps users earn Siacoin which is the native token when people rent out storage space on their PC to the Sia system.

Siacoin is quite a popular token and so can be changed into major cryptocurrencies and fiat very easily as it’s available in popular exchanges such as Binance and Poloniex. Sia is much more affordable than traditional storage providers, and so people who rent out their space are bound to gain in massively as it’s bound to be a favorite for cloud storage much sooner than expected.

AugurImage result for augur

Image Source – Finder

Augur is a prediction marketplace that lets participants buy and sell shares on the outcome of future events. Unlike the traditional prediction market, the pricing adjusts to the crowdsource value of an outcome occurring.

The platform is ideal for fortune tellers and people who have the knack of making the right predictions. You can predict on future elections results, the next winner of a reality show or even the price of Ethereum by the end of 2018!

You earn in the popular currency of Ethereum (ETH) depending on the amount of ETH placed on an outcome multiplied by the odds of the outcome occurring. If your outcome does not take place, you lose your bet, so you got to be smart and confident about your outcome!

EthercraftImage result for ethercraft

Image Source – Steemit

You might be thinking that RPG style games are a waste of time, but not when you are playing Ethercraft. Ethercraft is a decentralized RPG based on the Ethereum Blockchain. It gives an opportunity to have fun playing an action-packed RPG game and to earn in Ethereum (ETH) if specific challenges are completed.

There are various ways of earning ETH through Ethercraft, by unleashing your competitive gamer mind. If you make a sound purchase and from someone else purchases the same item you did, you gain a commission of Ethereum from it. You can even stock up items and sell them in ETH to other players, making a profit depending on the demand and supply of the item. However, you must be willing to shell out some ETH to level up your character so that you will be able to finish the challenges and multiply your investment.

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